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    Intranet Modernization for Intuitive Collaboration

    With key insights about intranet adoption, this white paper decodes what makes a modern intranet?

    The research covers the evolution of modern intranet software. Empowering end users with workplace flexibility and businesses with enhanced governance capabilities, an intranet in the digital age is indispensable. But not all intranets are modernized to catch up with the new way of work.

    Highlighting the importance of a fully integrated intranet software to unlock efficient collaboration and internal communication capabilities at your organization. Innovation stops for nobody and if you are to make the most of digital transformation now, it starts with modernizing your intranet architecture.

    For industriousness and digital agility, Saketa’s intranet software features intuitive collaboration features and a novel interface, built for its users. Centralizing your organization’s data by facilitating secure accessibility, Saketa’s latest research paper is for you to make the best decision when adopting an intranet for your business.

    Get to know the white paper content in detail:

    An introduction to intranet modernization
    I. A brief history of corporate intranets
    II. Why traditional intranets no longer met the demands of digitalization?
    III. Shifting to an employee-centric governance
    IV. Studying user data for process improvements
    V. Enhance collaboration using a modern intranet
    VI. Deploying an intranet for intuitive collaboration
    VII. Saketa’s employee-friendly intranet for collaboration

    1. Newsfeed
    2. Content Management System (CMS)
    3. Integrations & micro-applications
    4. Accessibility options
    5. Employee directory
    6. Transparent and secure conversations
    7. Mobile-first design
    8. Intranet Analytics

    Download a Copy to access to the white paper on Intranet Modernization for Intuitive Collaboration.

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