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SharePoint Intranet-Modernization

Intranet Modernization for Intuitive Collaboration

With key insights about intranet adoption, this white paper decodes what makes a modern intranet? The research covers the evolution of modern intranet software. Empowering end users with workplace flexibility...

Insurance Intranet Best Practices download

Insurance Intranet Best Practices

This paper combines insights from Sāketa’s award-winning intranet for insurance, hearkening to the rising demand for leaner, more flexible and sustainable intranets being deployed industry wide. For insurers, Saketa intranet...

Migrate InfoPath Forms to PowerApps

Migrate InfoPath Forms to PowerApps WhitePaper

Migrate InfoPath Forms to PowerApps: With InfoPath Forms nearing the End of Life, here's a Churn Report of the InfoPath forms and PowerApps as a better alternative. The popularity of...


Definitive Guide for SharePoint Migration

With SharePoint 2016 rolled out and Office 365 taking the center stage among the Microsoft Cloud offerings, upgrade and migration planning is on everyone’s mind.

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