Valo Intranet alternative: Saketa Intranet Suite

Saketa Intranet Suite is the flexible, truly native, and efficient SharePoint Intranet alternative to Valo Intranet.
It is easy to use and focuses on giving you the best employee engagement experience ever. Understand how it can deliver a superior digital workplace experience to your organization in the shortest span of time.

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Saketa Intranet Suite v/s Valo Intranet

Features Saketa Intranet Suite Valo Intranet
sharepoint SharePoint 2016-2019 & Online Yes Yes
fast deployment Fast Deployment Yes Yes
updates Continous Update Yes Yes
cloud migration Multi-Purpose Components Yes No
teams migration External Data Source Integration Yes No
fs migration Site Provisioning Tool Yes No
teams integration Integration With Teams Yes Yes
third-party Display Templates Yes No
my sites News Center Yes Yes
m365 migratiolns Rich Media Yes Yes
ocaml query Multilingual Support Yes Yes
excel Personalized Space Yes Yes
In – house recruitment tool No Yes
pricing Pricing $$ $$$

Why Is Saketa Intranet Suite The Right Choice?

Saketa Intranet Suite is an interactive SharePoint intranet solution that modernizes your digital workplace. Our happy clients proclaim our award-winning Employee Engagement platform as the best collaborative workplace to drive an efficient Remote workforce.
  • Intelligent, Intuitive Intranet Experience

    Replacing fixed widgets with Display templates to allow greater presentation flexibility. A wide range of purpose-built webparts and templates make your time over the Intranet fun and interactive.

  • Publish News & Rich Media

    News center eliminates the need of multiple facets of SharePoint content creation. Instead, Author and Publish News, Announcements, Events, Blogs, media etc to the Intranet, directly from here.

  • Built-in Social Media & Embedded Content

    Bring in content from Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Yammer etc) and integrate it with external data (Power Platforms, BI etc.) to manage all tasks at a single place and amplify productivity.

  • Personalization

    Our “My Space” enables a personalized dashboard for every employee. It brings in relevant news, email, OneDrive files, tasks, contacts, etc.

  • Advanced Search

    Narrow down your find using Intelligent Search with refiners. Knowledge Base allows you to visually browse for any content throughout your SharePoint tenant.

  • Business Apps Integration

    Augments your Intranet with business apps like Idea Board, Kanban or bring in data from apps like Salesforce, Jira, etc. For a unified digital workplace.

Why is Saketa Intranet Suite Better?

Saketa Intranet is a storehouse of multiple advanced features that enhance your Employee Engagement experience in the best ways possible.

Customizable Widgets

Our range of Display+Functional widgets and templates are not confined to specific features, thus they can be customized and cloned for reuse to meet your needs

Built in page layout

Avoid repeated page customizations and opt for our built-in page layouts to differentiate your page structure from the full-fledged site templates

Employee Directory and Organization Chart

Search or learn more about your co-workers and keep an easy track of organization talent network

Native Microsoft Teams integration

Extends your Intranet sites to Microsoft Team as tabs to stay connected on news, event and content.

Analytics And Governance

Each Saketa Intranet power site comes with builtin user and usage analytics reports as well as governance features to keep you in control

List View Customization

List View Customization lets you customize the view of SharePoint lists to match your display templates, thus eliminating any custom coding.

Get started with your digital workplace with Saketa

Saketa Amaze: Built-in Templates and Site Provisioning Tool

Saketa’s Built in Template and Site Provisioning tool lets you convert any of your Saketa Intranet sites and save it as a Template for further use. Clone, Copy and personalized new sites with Site templates
  • Use our built-in suite of flexible site templates to create new sections and widgets according to your company requirements
  • Site Provisioning tool lets you use a preconfigured site template and provision them for other teams in few simple clicks
  • IT can stay in control of the Site requisition/creation process with configurable approval process for all Saketa Intranet powered site provisioning

Saketa Engage: An entire Intranet right in your cell phone.

Saketa intranet suite comes with a mobility app, customizable to have important News and Content from the intranet easily accessible to the users to let you keep up with it from anywhere. Saketa Engage integrates most of your intranet features into its mobile version to ensure efficient reachability in any situation.
  • Access your dashboard, news center, employee details etc. right in your mobile device
  • Enjoy responsiveness on every mobile platform and customize your mobile app according to your brand colors
  • Reach out to your peers directly, have quick access to your frequently used apps and stay on top of your important documents

Schedule a demo

Schedule a demo of our Saketa to start creating your own Intranet. Our team of experts is ready to help you elevate your Intranet Portal.


Read our inspiring customer stories and case studies, from thriving companies who made the jump to Saketa.

Stephanie Melilli

Loved working with Team Saketa! Our employees are happier than ever with the launch of Saketa Intranet Suite.

Stephanie Melilli
Stephanie Melilli
Enterprise Communications Coordinator

Casey Ferrell

Team Saketa delivers! Our employees are more engaged and happier than ever with the Saketa Intranet Suite.

Casey Ferrell
Casey Ferrell
Director Information Technology

Ramadji Domunande

With the Intranet portal built by Saketa, our employees, and members have access to the right information and file work reports on-time, boosting the overall productivity and accountability.

Ramadji Domunande
Ramadji Domunande
Sr. Director, IT Operations & Security

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