SharePoint Timesheet

Time tracking made simple and engaging

Analyze and improve your team’s productivity.


SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2013

Office 365

SharePoint Timesheet

Your time management partner for SharePoint and Office365

Export Timesheets for downstream operations

Export and send timesheets to various stakeholders for subsequent billing or employee payroll.

Generate powerful and insightful reports

Analyze timesheets submitted over a period of data, and capture crucial trends.


Zero in on your most profitable customers

Calculate the amount of revenue coming in for each project, and find your best customers.

Track time spent on tasks

Track time spent by employees or teams on various tasks assigned to them.

Select and assign time spent on daily tasks

Select from amongst the tasks assigned to you for the day and enter the time spent on those tasks along with helpful comments
  • Select from a list of tasks assigned to you that day
  • Submit the time and relevant comments for each task
  • Easily log leave with the click of a button

Generate insightful reports, and take data driven decisions

Generate detailed reports at various levels including employee, manager and client level to understand your best employees and your most profitable resources
  • Create reports for employees, managers as well as clients
  • Filter data by month, quarter or a custom time period
  • Separate and analyse the number of billable hours and subsequent revenue generated

Manage and track your entire project from a single view

Seamlessly manage all aspects of the project, including resource allocation and task assignment from one single place
  • Understand the status of the project with a graphical dashboard
  • Assign tasks to various team members
  • Allocate project managers and timesheet approvers

Customize the application to suit your business requirements

Make changes to the application settings to ensure that the design language and the process reflects the one followed by your organization
  • Secure the application by ensuring access in line with the user’s role
  • Change the logo and application name to make the application your own
  • Upload the holiday calendar and see the holidays come up in the timesheets

View and assign the tasks for each project for every client

Take a look at the tasks being undertaken for each client and make necessary modifications based on business requirements
  • View the tasks and projects being undertaken for each client
  • Add or modify resources and the tasks assigned to each one
  • Categorize tasks by billable or non-billable to estimate revenue impact

Easy and quick access to view your profile

Diligent documentation is key to the success of a law firm. Additionally, given the nature of the industry accessibility of these documents across devices and locations is extremely important.
  • Employee information in the directory can be viewed in a tile or card-like structure.

Our Customer Testimonials

A satisfied customer base is our biggest asset and the ambassador of our brand the world over.

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