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SharePoint 2013

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SharePoint permissions can be intimidating to manage without proper tools

Managing Security and access permissions in SharePoint can be a daunting task because the permissions can be maintained at multiple levels of granularity – Site collection, site, list or library, item or document. The security setup of best planned sites get messed up resulting in chaos and uncertainty, without a proper governance plan. In the world of digital collaboration where everything is maintained and shared online, the need for SharePoint portals to be secured becomes lot more critical than ever.

Saketa SharePoint Security Manager is an intuitive and easy to use tool available for SharePoint administrators to manage the access privileges and audit the security changes in a site collection from one point. Saketa SharePoint Security Manager can help proactively secure SharePoint sites and easily identify any gaps in the system.

Perform all security actions from one place

  • View the site permission map
  • Analyze the security at a list or library level
  • View indexed permission details
  • Compare the permission level changes against parent site
  • Ability to view AD group membership
  • Inherit permissions/ Break permissions
  • Grant permissions / Remove permissions
  • Audit security changes


  • Activate/deactivate audit at any site level to track all permission changes.
  • A report by date range and event type
  • Audit log search facility

Bulk permissions management

  • Ability to clone permissions
  • Transfer some or all permissions from a user
  • Copy permissions from a user

Inheritance checker

  • Compares a list, library or site permissions against its parent if inheritance is broken
  • Provides an easy comparison checklist of differences and common permissions
  • Provides administrator an easy view to decide if the unique access is really desired
  • Ability to inherit parent permissions

Dead accounts management

  • View all the disabled and deleted AD accounts that are in current site collection
  • View the permissions assigned to the dead accounts
  • Ability to transfer or clone the permissions from a dead account
  • Clear dead accounts from site collection
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