Task tracking on Office 365 made simple

Track progress of every project


SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2013

Office 365

SharePoint Project Tracker

Manage tasks, maintain accountability and improve productivity

Secure access to your projects

Ensure that only people with the right permissions can access your project data.

Check project health

Verify the status of various tasks to plan your staffing and timelines.

Identify Bottlenecks

Easily identify the bottlenecks and take remedial action.

Visualize the progress

Derive deep insights from our set of charts and graphs.

Take a snapshot of all the projects

Summarize the health of all projects under development with an intuitive and insightful dashboard
  • Track the number of tasks in various stages of completion
  • Check the completion rates of each project
  • View the project pipeline to plan staffing requirements

View project members and identify bottlenecks

View the tasks in each category, the team members working on the project and the dependencies impacting project delivery
  • Take a look at who is working on a given project
  • Update the status of tasks allocated to you
  • List project dependencies and identify bottlenecks

Take a look at your tasks and their delivery timelines

View your personalized task board with the daily tasks to be completed and a list of tasks assigned to me
  • Take a look at all the tasks assigned to you
  • View tasks to be completed on each day
  • Note down the dependencies and their resolution status

List the bottlenecks across projects

View the roadblocks being faced in the various projects, so that they can take remedial action
  • List all the dependencies or roadblocks faced by each project
  • Take stock of the open dependencies in each project and work on getting them resolved
  • Note the number of dependencies in a given time period and derive the average time to resolve a dependency

Generate insightful reports based on various criteria

View important details of projects and generate reports that to gain deep insights into the projects
  • Filter projects by dates, names or task status
  • Check important information including hours spent on tasks
  • Export data to an excel to derive deep insights and take action

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