Organization Chart

A lucid, visual representation of Organizational hierarchy


SharePoint 2016

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SharePoint Organization Chart

Chart your organizational structure, and improve collaboration with the Saketa Organization Chart

Depict dotted line managers

Chart dotted line managers for organizations with matrix hierarchies.

Discover your colleagues

Search for your colleagues and find their reporting structure.

Allow users to understand their career paths

Allow everyone to know the organizational hierarchy and career paths.

Set the starting node

Use a single chart for organization and department level charts.

View structure of the organization

Take a look at the organizational structure and hierarchy in the company, and view details of individuals in the organization
  • View details of employees on the chart
  • Check the dotted line manager for matrix organizations
  • Discover employees using our easy and powerful search function built in

Customize the design language of your application

Change various design aspects of the application so that it is in line with your corporate branding guidelines
  • Change the color of the node, text and lines
  • Set the name of the person from which the chart should start building
  • Configure the filters that you need shown on the chart

Select properties of the employee to be shown on the chart

Choose which employee attributes you want displayed on the chart, along with the name
  • Choose the employee attribute that needs to be displayed on the chart
  • Select employee details that need to be displayed when clicking on the employee
  • Mark employee types with color coded badges to indicate if an employee is full time or a vendor

Exclude employees from the search

Exclude employees or groups from being searched in the organization chart
  • Ensure that only full-time employees are showing by excluding the part time employees
  • Exclude users belonging to specific domains
  • Exclude live accounts from being searched in the organization chart

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