Kanban Board
Process Management made simple

Visualize your tasks and identify potential bottlenecks


SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2013

Office 365

SharePoint Kanban Board

The best application for task management, project management and team collaboration

Identify bottlenecks and take corrective actions

Easily identify bottlenecks by looking at the Kanban Board, and take quick, corrective action where required.

Drag-and-drop to move tasks across swim lanes

Change the status of the tasks by simply dragging and dropping them to the correct swim lane.

Prioritize tasks and view their progress

Set priority indicators to differentiate the critical tasks from the rest and view their progress.

Configure any process or workflow

Set up and assign the tasks for any process or workflow that you want to track.

Manage your process in the most efficient manner

Use the Saketa Kanban Board to build a clear and transparent workflow, that will allow you to track tasks from start to finish
  • Update the status of the assigned task with a simple drag operation
  • Display the priority of various tasks with color codes
  • Watch as the completion percentages for tasks get updated automatically

Create and assign a new task in a quick and easy manner

Create multiple tasks and assign those tasks, along with supporting materials, to their owners in a single window.
  • Enter important information, such as task details and name of the assignee
  • Attach important files, so that they are available for the assignee to view
  • Assign a priority indicator, to ensure that everyone is aware of the critical tasks

Filter and group your tasks to analyze the status of your project

Filter your tasks by various parameters, and dig deeper into what’s going right for the project and what isn’t
  • Filter by dates to get the status of tasks between any given time period
  • Filter by users to understand the work pipeline of various members of the project
  • Check your work allocations and progress with the click of a button

Set up the process or workflow you want to track

Set up the application with the details of the process followed by the organization
  • Add or modify the swim lanes for the workflow or process
  • Import any SharePoint task list to become cards on the Kanban Board
  • Change the order of the workflow in the process to suit the business requirements

Take actions on specific tasks from within the card itself

Edit, delete and add attachments to the Kanban Board from within the cards
  • View important details such as the task description and assignee details
  • Track progress of the task or modify the task from within the card
  • View and download attachments from the card to get more information on the task

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