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SharePoint 2016

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SharePoint Idea Board

Source, evaluate and select great ideas that will take your business to the next level

Categorise ideas and assign owners

Categorize ideas by department or function and assign someone to be the point-of-contact for each category

Execute only the best ideas

Execute ideas with the best potential and in line with the organization’s goals.

Assign a team to shortlist ideas

Vet the ideas to ensure that only the best ideas are forwarded to the executive team.

Source ideas from employees

Encourage employees to come up with solutions to problems they frequently face.

View and share ideas posted by employees on the Idea Board

Take a look at the ideas posted by your colleagues and like, share or comment on the ideas that you can connect with
  • View all the ideas submitted in the application
  • Like, comment or share the ideas that resonate with you
  • Search for specific ideas or filter ideas to refine the search

View details of a particular idea

Take a detailed look at any specific idea that you find interesting and as an idea box owner, shortlist the idea for the next stage

  • View the details of a specific idea
  • Promote the great ideas to the next stage in the ideation process
  • Delete the ideas that you feel are irrelevant or not in line with the guidelines provided

Post a new idea, and gather feedback on the idea from your colleagues

Submit new ideas and share them with your colleagues to see what they think of them
  • Submit details of the idea that you think will add value to the organization
  • Attach documentation that help your idea be shortlisted for the next stage
  • Tag your idea with a specific initiative or keyword that will help keep track of the idea

Change the design language of the application to make it your own

Manage security and the theme of the application from the central administration console of the Saketa Idea Board
  • Replace the application name and logo with your own
  • Make changes to the emails that will be sent when an idea is submitted or shortlisted
  • Ensure people with the right authority have access to critical parts of the application

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