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Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process of your organization

Customize your Employee Onboarding Process

Define the SharePoint onboarding checklist, roles and designations for the employee onboarding process in your organization.

Empower, engage and inform your new hire

Make sure your new hires are aware of your company’s policies and enable the administrative pre-joining tasks.

Promote transparency and compliance

Save details of important touchpoints in the SharePoint onboarding app including the time and the person responsible for enabling the touchpoint.

Your hub for all SharePoint Onboarding Workflow Process

Track SharePoint Onboarding progress from a central place and minimize the turnaround time between the Human Resources, Operations and IT departments.

Track your SharePoint Onboarding Workflow at any point of time

Use the HR Onboarding App Dashboard to check your resource pipeline and effectively plan your staffing needs.
  • Get a stage wise report on the new hires onboarding app for each onboarding stage
  • Remove redundant checklists to reflect changes in the organization’s policies
  • Take advantage of the advanced search functionality to find individuals in the pipeline

Customize the SharePoint Onboarding Template of your organization

Complete the administration activities using SharePoint onboarding checklist customized to your organization’s process.
  • Fill out the details of the prospective employee you are looking to onboard
  • Check items off the onboarding checklist to move employees to the next stage of the employee onboarding process
  • Make optimal usage of your time by regularly saving your progress and continuing your employee onboarding process flow at a convenient time

Update the Employee Onboarding Process to reflect changes in the organization’s policies

Modify the onboarding checklists to ensure the compliance of your new employee onboarding process with the organization’s requirements.
  • Update additional onboarding checklists for specific roles or designations
  • Remove checklists to reflect changes in the organization’s policies
  • Track the employee checklists assigned to any individual

Onboarding an employee has never been easier

Onboard an employee in just three simple steps and ensure that all the paperwork is completed before the first day.
  • Fill out the details of the prospective employee you are looking to onboard
  • Check items off the onboarding checklist as and when they are complete
  • Optionally, assign specific onboarding tasks such as accepting organization’s policies to the employee
SharePoint employee onboarding

Create a compliant system that will improve transparency in the onboarding process

Audit records of each employee onboarded, always ensuring compliance to the organization’s hiring process.
  • Maintain accountability at every stage of the onboarding process by capturing the information of the person taking action at each stage
  • Capture important information such as the dates and times on which action was taken for each employee
  • Identify bottlenecks in the onboarding process, and help make the process more efficient for your organization

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