SharePoint CAML Query Builder

Providing simple, hassle-free, intuitive Queries


SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2013

Office 365


Extremely instantaneous CAML query generator and other object models alongside, that help to retrieve data from the SharePoint lists/ libraries.

An authentic SharePoint site manager- first step towards query generation

  • Add SharePoint sites & thus list of sites get displayed.
  • Edit and delete existing connections.
  • Connect to a SharePoint site of interest to query.

SharePoint lists/ library view & code builder to the query, you input

  • Has Subsites list enclosing SharePoint lists/ libraries.
  • Query building area gets populated with the attributes of the list (if chosen).
  • Ability to apply filters & user various query options on chosen attributes.
  • Ability to clear the query.

Generate CAML query code and check results

  • Run the query for distinct object models such as CAML, Server OM, Web Services, PowerShell etc.
  • Export to text file- Possible to export CAML query or all the queries.
  • Validate the CAML query with result and export it to Excel

List Information that gives metadata of the SharePoint list or library under use

  • Has exporting feature that exports corresponding metadata to excel and its schema to XML.
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