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SharePoint Auditing and Reports Management Made Easy

SharePoint Auditing Tool

Experience Auditing like Never Before with Saketa SharePoint Audit Manager

Customize the application to your Audit

Choose the type of your Audit and set your own boundaries.

Advocate honesty and simplicity

Maintain your SharePoint Audit Log and share with all the members of the Audit.

Manage your Audit with a definitive hierarchy

Control your Audit by assigning accessing levels to your Audit.

Execute your Audit to perfection

Conduct your Audit without any flaws with CAPA and Scriber Notes.

Corrective & Preventive Actions for Audit Tasks with Findings

Let your SharePoint audit reports record suggestions for further use
  • Create CAPA
  • Name your CAPA and choose if it’s a Corrective Action (CA) or a Preventive Action (PA)
  • Fill out the remaining details and leave a short description if needed

Scriber Notes: SharePoint Auditing feature to capture Audit Comments

Keep a track of all the comments & notes of your Audit in a precise and organized way.
  • Leave comments on your Audit wherever required
  • Update the Scriber Notes whenever you want
  • Update the status of the Audit whenever you want

Audit Dashboard for a detailed Audit Report Management

Know the progress of your Audit with just a glance
  • View the progress of the Audit with a Pie-Chart
  • Create a Custom Task, CAPA from the dashboard
  • View the status of all the tasks in one place

Audit Summary and Progress Reports to Keep you in Control

View a detailed Audit Summary to track Audit Progress and Status and Endpoint Monitoring
  • Get an estimate about Audit with a glance
  • View a detailed report of your Audit
  • Filter all the reports to view a specific report

Easy Task Management with My Tasks - Dashboard

Manage your tasks and view the progress of each task individually.
  • Keep a track of the status of all the tasks
  • View/Edit tasks
  • Click the task for a detailed view

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