SharePoint AD Manager

AD accounts management – smart, structured and simplified


SharePoint 2013


Saketa SharePoint AD Manager is the solution to empower users manage organization Active Directory accounts efficiently and effectively.

With an intuitive interface, comprehensive audit compliant logging, one-time simple configurations and secure authentication system, Saketa AD Manager has the least learning curve and needs no administration or technical expertise.
Saketa AD Manager provides several features to maintain a clean and structured AD like organizing users by employment type or location, setting additional attributes, consistent detailing of all accounts. It can be used for AD account creation, edits, disabling, password reset, AD group management and an effective search AD feature to retrieve users. A detailed logging is provided for all actions taking place from the tool.

Creating an employee account hands down

  • Captures important user information.
  • Adds account to your Active Directory.
  • Logs the new account details in Requests log page.
  • Extendable to other attributes of your Active Directory if needed.
  • Easy to customize account form fields.

Manage accounts like never before!

  • Reset Passwords: Passwords reset on finger tips!
  • Group Management: Manage membership to different AD groups.
  • Terminate Accounts: Account disable of employees.
  • Enable Accounts: Reactivate the account that was disabled.
  • Actions get logged in Requests log page.

Search and edit user accounts instantly

  • Versatile search feature.
  • Flexibility to edit user accounts.
  • Export to excel: Export the results to MS Excel.

Multi- faceted admin dashboard

  • ADM Security: Role based access permissions.
  • ADM Settings: Set up your basic AD details to get started.
  • Team Change: Easy transferal of selected employees between the Managers.
  • Import groups from AD into AD Manager for user group management.
  • Manage Email Templates: Configure email templates effortlessly.
  • Dynamic nature of Employee types, Departments, Location and user name pattern list.
  • ADM Log: Exclusive set up of tracking all the exceptions, actions performed throughout Saketa AD Manager tool.
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