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Migration Tool for SharePoint with Minimal Disruption

SharePoint Migrator

Migrate to SharePoint, Microsoft 365 using SharePoint Migration Tool

Limitless Speed. No Data Limits. Seamless Migration

Support Many Sources

Multiple sources

Migrate anything, from anywhere!

Migrate Universally

It's quick, easy and comprehensive

Easy roll over features

Worry free experience

Insightful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Keep track of every migration

Turbo Mode for O365

Turbo Mode for O365

High speeds for Bulk migrations

Saketa PowerShell Console

Saketa PowerShell Console

Script and automate

Schedule Migrations

Schedule Migrations

Just plan and relax

SharePoint Security Manager

SharePoint Security Manager

Permission audit made easy

Metadata Bulk Edit

Metadata Bulk Edit

Just work offline and import

Backup your SharePoint data

Backup your SharePoint data

Export list and library to file system

Our SharePoint Migration Tool offers a wide range of Migration modes that include on-premise, cloud as well as SharePoint version to version transfers. Further, our features such as Selective migration, PowerShell Scripting, Scheduling, bulk editing, comprehensive record keeping, Security Manager along with Pre-Migration as well as Post-migration modules successfully puts us ahead to give your migration experience an edge over others!

Best Microsoft 365 migration from a wide range of source inventories

  • All SharePoint versions and Microsoft 365

    Migrate content from any SharePoint version and O365 to other. We ensure that the high level of adaptability of your data in the new version prevails throughout.

  • Popular enterprise cloud storages

    Cloud data comprises a large fraction of data in any industry. Thus, effective Cloud content migration to SharePoint is quite an essential feature of a migration tool. Saketa flawlessly accomplishes this task, making cloud to SharePoint migration quite easy.

  • Network and File storages

    An Organization might wish to migrate all their files together, arranged in the same manner. Saketa SharePoint Migration tool allows Migration of an entire File System to SharePoint Lists & Libraries. It also provides an option to attach custom metadata to the files/folders at the time of importing.

  • Excel Files

    Microsoft Excel being one of the most frequently used file types, the migration process might involve a lot of Excel files to be imported to the newer SharePoint versions. Our migration tool for SharePoint facilitates you to directly import and automatically update Excel file contents to SharePoint lists.

Migrate anything to SharePoint, Office 365 or Microsoft 365

  • Site Objects

    Migrate SharePoint Site Collections, Sites, Lists & Libraries in one place!

  • Content Migration

    You can use the SharePoint migration tool for migrating Files, Folders & List items smoothly and intricately organizes them.

  • Users, Groups, Permissions and Metadata, Workflows

    Our tool lets you migrate users, groups, permissions & workflows from one site to another in one go for a hassle-free experience! !

  • Term stores & Term Sets

    Managed metadata helps you easily classify and organize your data according to your company’s taxonomy. Saketa SharePoint migration tool lets you migrate your taxonomy metadata effectively in one go.

Stress free Migration Analytics

  • Pre- Migration

    Pre-migration creates a detailed report of all possible errors and warnings of your content that might occur at the time of migrations, so that you know all the risks before even migrating and can come up with ample prospective solutions to them beforehand!

  • Comprehensive log of every Session

    Saketa migrator keeps an intricate record of all your SharePoint migration sessions and other related activities so that in case of anything going wrong, you can use them as referrals and guides.

  • Post Migration

    Office 365 migration tool allows you to retain entire file system to any SharePoint versions. Now migrate effortlessly with a smart feature that attach custom metadata while importing.

Great features to set your Migration on Cruise

  • Turbo mode for O365

    Office 365 being one of the most in-demand platforms, we resorted to provide a specific Turbo Mode for O365 & let you enjoy a quick and hassle- free migration.

  • PowerShell- Script your Migrations

    Personalization might be required in specific cases of migration which cannot be covered in our pre-defined modes, in such cases, PowerShell Script comes into play. Decide the course of your migration with a simple script!

  • Schedule your Migrations

    Choosing a correct timeframe and planning out in detail is the key to a successful migration. Map out your migrations & schedule them beforehand for the most effective and risk-free experience.

  • Incremental Load and CAML filters

    Saketa Migration Tool allows you to filter your data with either the specific date range or apply your own CAML query filters and then, we would only migrate those.


Premium (Advanced) Features

  • Security Manager

    Security being the prime concern, our dedicated Security manager tool helps you to control security of all your sites without any worries with its vast set of security features and ensures absolutely No-Risks towards any security glitches.

  • Bulk Edit/ Import External Metadata

    Our migration tool lets you update all your metadata in one place & in a single go!

  • Content Backups with Export to File Systems

    Our SharePoint migration tool helps you perform backups by exporting your SharePoint Sites to File System so that there are no chances of data loss.

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