Swiftly Migrate from Alfresco to SharePoint

Enable hign precision and cost-effective content migration from Alfresco to SharePoint and Office 365 with a reliable — fast – hassle-free M365 Management Studio.


A smarter way to Migrate from Alfresco to SharePoint and Office 365

Saketa Migration offers quick transfer to metadata and content from Alfresco to SharePoint and Office 365 migration.

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Migrate Alfresco

Migrate entire sites and structure effortlessly from Alfresco sites to SharePoint online.


Migrate Alfresco Content

Migrating effective content of files, folders from Alfresco to SharePoint made easy and quick.

Lead to a win-win solution with Saketa Migration Services

Looking for something beyond the migration tool functionality? Not a Concern!

At Saketa, we take care of all your data migration requirements from Alfresco to Share Point online. Reach out to our custom service team and get treat of a worthwhile, hassle-free migration experience

Switch to an All-in-One Platform

Migrate site contents effortlessly  from Alfresco to SharePoint

Migrare Content and data from Alfresco SharePoint Online:

  • Easily move enterprise content migration from Alfresco sites to SharePoint online
  • Migrate content seamlessly from uses personal workspaces from Alfresco to SharePoint
  • Simplify – Preserver all your security on files and folders in alfresco as is to SharePoint

Move files and folders from Alfresco to SharePoint:

  • Migrate folders, files, documents, and items from Alfresco (lists and library) to the destination SharePoint.
  • Manage and secure data migration to SharePoint
  • Easy for users to preserve files and metadata from the source
  • perform data migration of complex folders to destination with

Enable powerful advance mapping capabilities for successful migration

  • Mapping of Alfresco data to SharePoint data columns
  • Map security of Alfresco with SharePoint permissions with ease.
  • Map aspects of content types from alfresco to SharePoint

Fast and Effective Migration to SharePoint & Office 365

  • Collaborate intelligent metadata and security solution to Office 365
  • Consolidate high-speed migration from multiple content sources to desired destination
  • Ensure data loss prevention with custom security setting to SharePoint and Office 365

Advance Mapping for Seamless Experience

Amplify your experience with advance mapping types as you migrate from Alfresco to SharePoint

Columns Creation Support
An in-built feature which lets you create identical framework of Alfresco automatically to SharePoint and Office 365 tool
Security Manager
Columns Mapping
Saketa Migration tool offers smooth - intricate and seamless Mapping of Alfresco columns with SharePoint columns for successful data migration
Security Manager
Content types Mapping
Auto-mapping of different content types quickly and efficiently by migrating Alfresco content to SharePoint online
Security Manager
Permissions Mapping
Migrate and choose required mapping access of various permeations with default or advanced mapping options.
Security Manager

Deploy and Deliver detailed Alfresco to SharePoint migration summary report

Leverage Saketa M365 Management Studio for an unparallel Alfresco migration toolkit that provides accurate filtered report on the number of errors and successes while migrating files, folders, documents, content and metadata from Alfresco sites to SharePoint Online.

Modernize your digital transformation journey today with our top-notch migration solutions to cater your specific business needs.

Discover more end-to-end Migration Services coming on the way to offer seamless, error-free solutions

End to End Content Creation
Restructure auto-migration of entire sites, Lists, libraries creation
Security Manager
Bulk Migration Support
Enjoy turbo-fast bulk migration effortlessly from Alfresco to SharePoint online
Security Manager
Pre-Migration Analysis
Minimize risk and run smooth migration solution of entire site, list, library creation
Security Manager
Post Migration Analysis
Re-evaluate data migration from Alfresco source files to SharePoint destination files
Security Manager

Enrich and Streamline Migration from Alfresco to SharePoint

Ensure end-to-end, seamless and risk-free migration with our versatile and holistic Saketa SharePoint Migrator tool. Enable business continuity by optimizing migration of important data from Alfresco to SharePoint and Office 365 with the advanced mapping and automated structuring.

Don't worry about migration downtime! Upgrade to our Alfresco content migration module for easy, secure, and hassle-free scheduled migration.

enrich streamlines

Experience Best-in-class Alfresco to SharePoint and Office 360 Migration

Saketa migrator offers tailor-made migration solutions that swiftly transform your business to the next level. Sign up for a 7-day trial and get hands-on data, content migration experience from Alfresco to new desired SharePoint online.

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