Most Comprehensive
M365 Migration tool

Modernize your digital workplace. Get the world-class Saketa Migrator Tool with Office365, Microsoft teams migrator and Slack to Teams migration for the most effective and incredible experience

Most Comprehensive M365 Migration tool

The Most efficient, fast and advanced migration experience

Simplified data migration change the way Businesses Operate

Migrate, govern, and empower your business with the best Migration tool. Ensure simplified, seamless, and hassle-free migration

Slack to Teams Migration: Upgradation from Slack to Teams increases productivity by 2X

Upgrade to better integration and unified user experience of migrating Slacks to Teams using top-level Saketa teams' migrator tool. Sit back and enjoy the flawless migration.

Effortless, Limitless and Stress-free Migration

Migrate to the most efficient collaborative platform seamlessly with the excellent features that offer a wide range of Migration modes.

Insightful Analytics

Track and Monitor data driven migration


User-friendly Features

Easy for users to navigate and understand

Turbo Mode

Turbo Mode

Enjoy high-speed and opt for superfast migration

Schedule Migrations

Schedule Migrations

Plan smooth migration by automating tasks ahead of time

No Code Platform

No Code Platform

Manage and automate complex data migration with no-code approach

Multiple Source Application

Multiple Source Application

Migrate effortlessly anything, from anywhere

An all-in-one solution to all the Governance woes
Ensure your office 365, MS teams are secure, Stable and compliant.
Custom Migration
Conquer, automate and Update!
Create personalized content type and workflows using Custom Migration
Custom migration
InfoPath Migration
Enjoy the Ease of Microsoft Power Platforms
Upgrade your whole set of InfoPath forms to PowerApps
InfoPath Migration
Slack to Teams
Assess, Plan, and make the move
Bring the best experience by integrating slack to teams’ migration
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Saketa Governance Center

Saketa Governance Center

  • Easy users and group management
  • Import and comply solutions to third party data
  • Keep organization information secure and compliant
  • Monitor user activity and take actions in case of threats
  • Incorporate alerts, external and orphan user to support full tenant overview
  • Manage high-value data for legal and regulatory obligations

Saketa Security Manager

  • Manage all Office 365 premissions from a single site
  • Easily track and audit the overall M365 security changes
  • Compares sites, lists and documents analytics
  • Maintain and keep sensitive corporate data secure without risk
  • Allow custom security setting and policy
  • Ensure efficiency and built-in data loss prevention
Saketa Security Manager

Leverage Saketa Powerhouse: Ace a successful migration

Build your way to digital transformation with our whole new cloud migration experiences. Our easy-to-use tool helps you modernize, transform and migrate teams’ files, lists and workflow systems from one M365 tenant to another.

  • Migrate data and content with entire Teams and enhance migration approaches within all channels to teams, customs, conversations and more.
  • Saketa office 365 migration tool keeps an intricate analysis of any unnoticed migration failure via premigration and post migration process.
  • Easy-to-use tool to migrate and coordinate from Slack to Teams that converts all Slack data and conversations to upgrade to Microsoft Teams.
Leverage Saketa Powerhouse: Ace a successful migration

Try out the Best Office 365 migration tool in the market

Migration can be complicated
Simplify it with Saketa Migrator, the tool to manage it all!

Our Customer Testimonials

Building strong customer relationship and implementing innovative solutions is the core value we follow. 

Here’s what our customers around the globe think of Saketa. 

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