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Have a Complete Digital Workplace Solution in Your Pocket with the Best Intranet Mobile App.

Mobile Intranet App

Saketa Engage: The Perfect Mobility partner to your Intranet Suite!

saketa engage app
  • Access your dashboard, news center, employee details, etc. securely in your mobile device
  • Enable visual branding, company-specific customizations, and responsiveness on any mobile platform
  • Reach out to your peers, have quick access to your frequently used apps, or manage your important documents conveniently from anywhere
  • Access and share information with your colleagues and teammates on the go

Intranet Anywhere…Anytime

A Smart and personalized mobile app to bring in the important resources and stay updated !

Integrate most of your intranet features into its mobile version to ensure efficient reachability in any situation.

Bridging the Hybrid Team Gaps

Leverage Microsoft 365 to bring in the next level employee communication!

Enhance communication and collaboration between your employees, whether remote or in-office.

Looks that Feels like Your Own

Choose from a range of in-built custom themes to make it fun, attractive and engaging or simply utilize the custom color palettes to reflect your company’s branding colors.

Experience Top Notch Efficiency with Our In-Built Apps or install yourself

Custom experience
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An interactive News Center to keep you Hooked

Reach, Read and React to news pieces all on a single dashboard.

Choose from a range of in-built custom themes to make it fun, attractive and engaging or simply utilize the custom color palettes to reflect your company’s branding colors.

An integrated Employee Directory

Search your peers based upon specific criteria and reach them out directly with a dedicated Employee Directory integration.

Manage your team communication and collaboration with Teams and Outlook.

Experience Personalization at its Best

Manage your meetings and events, share an innovative idea or simply send out a customized shoutout to your colleagues!
Personalize literally everything, be it your personal homepage, settings, external app integration or document management !

Build Your All-inclusive Futuristic Digital Workplace

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Stephanie Melilli

Loved working with Team Saketa! Our employees are happier than ever with the launch of Saketa Intranet Suite.

Stephanie Melilli
Stephanie Melilli
Enterprise Communications Coordinator

Casey Ferrell

Team Saketa delivers! Our employees are more engaged and happier than ever with the Saketa Intranet Suite.

Casey Ferrell
Casey Ferrell
Director Information Technology

Ramadji Domunande

With the Intranet portal built by Saketa, our employees, and members have access to the right information and file work reports on-time, boosting the overall productivity and accountability.

Ramadji Domunande
Ramadji Domunande
Sr. Director, IT Operations & Security

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