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Digital Workplace Solutions

Because you deserve the best Saketa Digital Workplace Solutions

Take advantage of our modern intranet with top-end business productivity features to organize your enterprise workflow and manage all files easily. The integration is seamless, and the transition is easy.

Cohesive user experiences leading to uninterrupted work

Leverage flawless user experiences for enterprise agility. Use Saketa digital workplace solution to equip your business with functionally rich apps, digital acceleration, and intuitive author experiences.
Cohesive user experiences leading
  • No code intranet software

    With absolutely Zero coding required, use pre-built templates and widgets to deploy your digital workplace. 

  • Mobility

    Saketa Engage is the mobile intranet app that helps you stay connected with your smart workplace anywhere at any time.

  • Intuitive author experience

    Create and foster a culture of productivity with permission management, role-based access and enhanced user workflow understanding.

  • Integration friendly

    Integrate and use all your applications in one place. Saketa is a customizable business productivity platform for all your enterprise needs.

Refine employee engagement and drive growth

Deploy a modern workplace that’s fun and productive. Work smarter with Saketa social intranet, complementary business productivity apps, and operational management controls.
  • Social Intranet

    Employees can utilize the digital workplace to coordinate between teams, organize events, engage, and socialize.

  • Collaboration features

    Work together on projects using interactive intranet features to stay in sync with everything that’s happening at work.

  • Range of productivity apps

    Use Saketa’s range of business productivity apps to carry out workflow management, HR activities and revolutionize the way your people work.

  • Communication & Interaction

    Take advantage of the best communication tools with role-based access, native collaboration apps and seamless third-party integrations.

Refine employee engagement and drive growth​

Information management is now instinctive and effortless

Manage all your content repositories and prevent data silos while encouraging resourceful collaboration.
Information management
  • Site analytics and usage analytics

    Get detailed reports of user activity and use this information to overhaul your digital workplace standards.

  • Information security and governance

    Saketa is your all-in-one digital workplace solution to store all your files, manage users and prevent breaches.

  • Content and collaboration

    Create and distribute content with intelligent backups and enhanced data control.

  • Search and navigation

    Find exactly what you want from Petabytes of data with intelligent search and intuitive navigation.

Embrace digital agility with intelligent automations

Customize your digital workplace solutions for maximum productivity, intelligent automations that help you cut down costs, save time and improve processes.
  • Business process automation

    Our wealth of expertise and resources for Business Process Automation will accelerate productive business outcomes.

  • Third-party integration

    Seamlessly incorporate multi-channel business apps like Salesforce, JIRA, WordPress, Hubspot, etc., with just a click.

  • Customizations

    Design and deploy custom applications to cultivate great digital workplace experiences.

  • Microsoft Teams integration

    Microsoft Teams integration on the Saketa intranet gives your employees the power to easily collaborate and access enterprise assets.

Embrace digital agility with intelligent automations​

Best Microsoft Office 365 Migration Experience

Build a work environment that encourages the best results



Make communication, collaboration, and content management very easy.

Effortless Integration

Effortless Integration

Easy integration with top business apps like Teams, Salesforce, M365, Freshdesk, JIRA etc

Pre-built Templates

Pre-built Templates

Vast array of pre-built functional and display templates and apps at your disposal

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Highly personalized funtions with role-based access to foster user value.

Training Support

Training & Support

Expert support for up to a year to fine-tune and modernize your Digital Workplace Solutions.

Do You Want To Experience The Best Digital Workplace Solution?

Upgrade to the best collaborative productivity tools with Slack to Microsoft Teams Migration using Saketa Teams Migration tool.

Implement cutting-edge digital solutions to obtain process efficiency, control, and security.

  • Manage all files & tasks
  • Gain insights & analytics for your business
  • Foster amazing employee experiences
  • Collaborate and contribute anywhere anytime
Best Digital Workplace Solution

Build Your All-inclusive Digital Workplace Now

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Stephanie Melilli

Loved working with Team Saketa! Our employees are happier than ever with the launch of Saketa Intranet Suite.

Stephanie Melilli
Stephanie Melilli
Enterprise Communications Coordinator

Casey Ferrell

Team Saketa delivers! Our employees are more engaged and happier than ever with the Saketa Intranet Suite.

Casey Ferrell
Casey Ferrell
Director Information Technology

Ramadji Domunande

With the Intranet portal built by Saketa, our employees, and members have access to the right information and file work reports on-time, boosting the overall productivity and accountability.

Ramadji Domunande
Ramadji Domunande
Sr. Director, IT Operations & Security

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