Our employees greatly benefited with the automation of the paper-based process reducing the turnaround time of our internal claims from days to a few hours.
Jody Wiseman
Sr. Director – Member Relationships


United Educators (UE) provides liability insurance and risk management services to nearly 1,600 members representing schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States. UE planned to adapt Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure as their core IT platform to meet the demands of their ever-growing workforce. Seeking to eliminate manual work bottlenecks, UE began looking for modern solutions that could automate and streamline many of their processes and turned to Saketa for help.


In the business of insurance and risk management, employee productivity and efficiency are key. But manual, often paper-based processes create a barrier for organizations to deliver on these terms. Such was the case for UE.

Looking to implement more efficient processes for Expense Claims, Contract Management, and Group Travel Management, UE engaged with our team of SharePoint specialists to adopt and implement digital claims and work management solutions.


United Educators engaged our team of Office 365 experts to review the key process and use cases w.r.t their claim process, improve the information that was tracked and captured in the process and its associated documents. Technovert’s team found it ideal to utilize SharePoint as the core platform to bring in collaboration, work process data; and the business application platform for the solution. The expense & claims app makes it possible to file expense claims, and assists employees with filing, tracking, and updating their business claims. Various business applications were developed on SharePoint & Flow with deep integration with other platforms such as Salesforce, SQL server, and internal ERP solutions.  Through these connections, the claim managers and the finance team can review submitted proofs from SharePoint, take action and trigger workflows with Flow that update the App, making the process efficient, error-free and secure.

The business application uses multiple entities within the Common Data Store and uses a model-driven approach for app development. Information is pulled from several entities and displayed on a single screen. Once users view/update records, the information is also synchronized with the SQL server for redundancy. Users create claims, submit documents, and can input their data in a single location, where it will be available for action, and approvers and claim managers can process on time.

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When creating new claims, the user information along with the reporting structure can be queried from Microsoft Graph, allowing the users’ key information to be pulled, viewed, and stored without the hassle of manual entries. These types of usability features improve the user experience, and the customer experience, and save valuable time and effort while increasing accuracy and recollection. An additional dashboard for claim managers and the finance teams gives the functionality and the capabilities they need to effectively manage their expense claims.


Employees of United Educators (UE) can now easily file their expenses and other internal claims, while claim managers now have the ability to review and approve. The finance team can get access to all submitted proofs in one common store secured with necessary privileges. By managing all this information centrally within Office 365, and having common processes for tracking claims, accuracy is improved, and the whole process is much easier and more efficient for all users within the organization.

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