Business Productivity Suite

Boost workforce productivity by simplifying the way employees collaborate, communicate and gain business insight

Transform your digital workplace with our award-winning portfolio of SharePoint and Office 365 apps

Foster innovation and collaboration without compromising the security of your company’s data.

Employee Onboarding

Ensures a smooth onboarding experience for the new hire

Employee Directory

Easily search the details of your colleagues and interact with them

Org Chart

An interactive and dynamic way to pictorially depict your organization’s structure

Idea Board

A brainstorming application that lets the users post ideas and start a discussion

Employee Offboarding

Streamline the exit process of an employee

Project Tracker

Plan, track and execute projects with ease


Track the amount of effort spent by employees on various projects and task

Kanban Board

A brainstorming application that lets the users post ideas and start a discussion

Why Saketa SharePoint Apps?

The Saketa Productivity Suite helps teams work better together in today’s cross-functional environment, by facilitating workflows for common processes, thereby helping your organization foster innovation and improve collaboration.

Rich User Experience

Improve adoption of your digital workspace with our intuitively designed apps, that have been awarded for their exceptional user experience.

Productivity Redefined

Transform your portals into innovation zones and collaboration hubs with our SharePoint and Office 365 apps.

Engaging and effective

Create an engaging and collaborative workspace that your employees would love coming back to on a daily basis.

Scalable and Extendable

Scale your business with the Saketa Business Productivity Suite, the perfect toolkit to boost workforce productivity.

Empower your employees today !

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