What to Expect from Next-gen Healthcare Intranets?

An intranet solution is the foundation to a workplace that strives for experiential and operational value, placing people at the centre of business processes. AI and automation advancements have introduced various avenues to scale your healthcare business operations across sprawling and competitive distribution networks.

Not only does next-gen intranet software tie in with agile transformation goals of the modern enterprise but empowers automated delivery of various strenuous business functions.

Here’s an illustration to indicate the operational value you can expect from deploying intranet for healthcare.

common challenges of intranet

Although intranets have been around since the turn of the century, a truly modern intranet is one that augments your business the way your hospital functions now. For example, knowing how medical supplies are used in the industry is fundamental to planning and managing healthcare services, but updating inventories based on average consumption, changing health worker needs, patient care, among other operational outcomes is only possible via lean automation tools.

At the crossroads of cloud and AI, it’s expected that modern intranets will equip healthcare workers with intelligent applications, capable of saving lives, improving response to emergencies, introducing new medical treatments, managing voluminous requests, minimizing human errors, and implementing the most suited healthcare policies.

The following article explains what you can expect from deploying a Next-gen healthcare intranet software – Saketa’s intranet for hospitals and healthcare establishments.

Why choose healthcare intranet software?

To derive increased operational efficiency and output, premium healthcare service providers are continuously investing in digital initiatives. The main objective of deploying an intranet software for hospitals and other healthcare establishments, is to enhance output via communication, collaboration, and user-centric experiences.

A world-class intranet connects various processes to data-driven mechanisms that help healthcare industry leaders chart course to their expansion goals. Using an intranet, experiential value derived at every interval of the business chain is noticed, studied, and harnessed for improved workplace culture, performance, functionality, response, and feedback.

Common healthcare intranet software
  • According to IMF, 65% of the world’s GDP is predicted to be digitized by 2022 (IMF, 2020), indicating the widespread adoption of digital workplace solutions.


  • A parallel study by IDC also stated that digitally transformed organizations are projected to contribute to more than half of the global gross domestic product (GDP) by 2023, accounting for $53.3 trillion (IDC, 2020).

If you’ve wanted a lucrative reason to scale your IT infrastructure, Saketa’s Next-gen healthcare intranets present numerous opportunities for growth. The next-gen healthcare intranet proves increased service availability, improved healthcare asset management, and effective risk mitigation to maintain your data architectures, coherently.

The intranet being a digital gateway to your company, uses intelligent applications to streamline digital activities, furnishing the premise for innovation and continuous development of your healthcare services.

Deploying a Next-gen Healthcare Intranet? Here’s what to expect!

Deploying a healthcare intranet offers viable means to position your healthcare services at the fore, renewing your brand’s operational agility and credibility among people. In fact, the ability to scale up your operations across geographies and demographics become more evident as the intranet uncovers new areas of business to explore.

Listed below are 5 major impacts of deploying a Next-gen healthcare intranet.
1. Plug and play

Whenever needed, Saketa’s award-winning intranet can be set-up and running with intuitive applications designed for your business. From migrating all your healthcare enterprise data to your preferred environment, to handing over complete personalization and governance to the user – it’s as easy as plug and play.

2. Search

Search is the most useful feature of an intranet, making content management that much easier for healthcare enterprises. Whether healthcare inventory updates, or finding training resources, information at your fingertips is what next-gen intranet affords.

3. Community & social

Bringing your healthcare staff to one central platform has many benefits, among which community and social activities reign supreme. Whether employee engagement, partnership meets or even logistics support, a healthcare intranet strengthens the social and community presence of your healthcare enterprise.

4. Crowdsourcing & collaboration

Especially when preparing yearly reports, conducting seminars, or gathering feedback from workers, healthcare intranet unlocks immense opportunity. Creating innovative means to source ideas and feedback from workers and partners is a key aspect of success for any hospital.

5. Mobility solutions

Engaging a workforce with technology must support mobile-friendly experiences, driven by the means to make work less strenuous and information more accessible. 

Saketa’s healthcare intranet is preloaded with business productivity apps and the Engage mobile experience that employees everywhere love.

A winning mobile experience could be the key differentiator between the work culture at your healthcare enterprise, built by people, for people, to serve those in need.

To know more about how to leverage cutting-edge intranet solutions of Saketa

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