Webinar Takeaways: How To Increase Microsoft Teams Adoption

The agenda of the webinar 

  • An introduction and value of Microsoft Teams
  • An effective and affective plan to roll out Microsoft Teams for your organization
  • How Microsoft Teams engages and empowers various delivery streams
  • Best practices
  • How you can migrate SharePoint sites into Microsoft Teams with the help of an amazing product circuit, the migrator
  • Tips and tricks to use Microsoft Teams for project productivity
  • Integration with analytics and its benefits to your organization
  • The barriers to adoption and how to overcome them

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the hub for collaboration for many organizations with chat capabilities, video conferencing, file storage and integration with many Office 365 and other third-party apps.

Microsoft Teams usage has increased from 32 Million daily active users to 44 million in just a week and it continues to rise.

Engaging and Empowering delivery streams

Microsoft Teams enables First line Workers to communicate and collaborate effectively with customizable Teams mobile experience and new mobile features.

Microsoft Teams can also be integrated with the workforce management system, enabling various delivery streams to drive their work easily with the help of Microsoft Teams. Notably:

Human Resources

HR Teams sites need to be accessible to all the Team members and the staff and be responsive. Microsoft Teams provides HR with many capabilities and help them achieve their goals.

Finance and Accounting

All financial processes involve communication and collaboration between the finance department and the broader business. Microsoft Teams is a great asset to them.

Sales and Marketing

Efficiency, coordination and timely results are key to the success of a Sales department. Microsoft Teams helps to improve the sales team’s productivity through easy access to information along with the necessary tools to nurture leads. 

Effective plan to roll out Microsoft Teams

There are several benefits that need to be addressed When an organization starts planning to rollout Teams like What are the benefits to an organization? What are the benefits to the  Team leaders and employees in the organization? 

Some of the key benefits  are:  

  • Centralized communications  
  • Smaller number of email conversations
  • Better search experience and cataloging features 
Steps To follow to Deploy Microsoft Teams

Governance & Best Practices

Governance plays a vital role in ensuring that the Microsoft Teams platform is utilized to the best of its ability. The major points to consider while maintaining Microsoft Teams are:

Consider reading this blog if you wish to know more about Teams Governance and Best Practices


Migrate SharePoint to Microsoft Teams using Saketa Migrator

  • Migrate SharePoint Sites as Teams
  • Migrate Document Libraries as Channels
  • Turbo mode Migration 
  • Flatten Folder Structure 
  • Limit to the latest number of versions and Incremental migrations

Using Saketa migrator, we can migrate SharePoint Sites as Teams. SharePoint Site at the source will become a Teams site at the target and every document library in the source SharePoint site will be migrated as channels into the destination teams. 

The turbo mode in the migrator, you can migrate the content at a faster phase than a usual migration.

Click here to see the Teams Migration demo directly.

Tips and Tricks for using Teams for Project Productivity

You can amplify your productivity by using some of the stellar features of Microsoft Teams such as:

  • Sending emails to Teams Channel.
  • Adding Applications
  • Shortcuts and Commands 
  • Background blur/change
  • Private Channels

Analytics & Engagement Suite for Enterprises and SMBs

Barriers and hardships of taking up a new technology, specifically Microsoft Teams is an essential aspect to be considered , but the first part is always analytics.

If you don’t know what the problem is, you cannot take action towards a solution.

Here are the three pillars of adoption:

Click Here to view the Teams Analytics demo directly.

Barriers to Adoption

With all the integrated communication, knowledge management and collaboration that it provides, Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365.

But if that’s the case, why are so many organization user adoption rates are so much lower than for outlook, for example?

So the truth is, is that email is ingrained. And changing user habits is difficult. Studies show that only about 30, four percent of users are willing to use new technology rollouts. So buying and installing the new technology is actually the easy parts, making sure users adopt to the new system to the full capacity of it and continue to use is on a sustained basis is where a lot of organizations fall short.

The major barriers to adoption are:

  • User not grasping the value of the tool
  • Poor user training
  • Ineffective communication

Solutions to adoption barriers

To delve deeper into all these topics, we recommend you to watch the whole recording of the webinar below for better understanding.


Our Speakers 


Feel free to reach us out if you have any queries or wish to discuss the aspects of Teams adoption specific to your own organizational requirements.

Hope to see you at our next Webinar soon!

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