Webinar Takeaways: Enabling Remote workforce with Digital workplace solutions

The agenda of the webinar 

  • Challenges (in enabling communication with remote workforce) 
  • Planning a digital workplace 
  • Using Microsoft 365 Tools for Crisis Communication 
  • How to setup a digital workplace  – A Demo 
  • Best practices in using Microsoft 365 for Digital Workplace 
  • Cardiolog Analytics Demo

Polls conducted during the webinar & their Results

Webinar poll

digital workplace poll 1

Webinar poll

digital workplace poll 2

Remote Workplace

Remote workplace isn’t very new but with more and more people working remotely in these difficult times, many new challenges have emerged. And if we aren’t able to handle these challenges effectively, it can result in a decline in productivity.


Planning a Digital Workplace

Planning a digital workplace can help enhance its utility which in turn will boost productivity. A digital workplace should make it easier to collaborate regardless of location.

Timely communication is critical to everything from growing a company, to managing a crisis, to dealing with an unprecedented level of change. A solid digital workplace makes it easier than ever not only automate routine processes but also to speed the process of collaborating on those processes.

remote work

Working on a perfectly pre-defined roadmap will make sure a great digital workplace experience. 

M365 for Crisis communication

In times of crisis, it is important to not only create a clear message but a solid foundation on how to deliver and communicate that message across an organization.

This is where technology comes in, such as the tools within Microsoft suite of productivity tools.


SharePoint has reinvented the intelligent intranet, delivering flexible solutions for teamwork, engaging employee experiences, and AI-powered search and content management. Communication sites, organizational news, hubs, modern team sites, pages, lists, and libraries are now available across browsers and devices, and in the highly-rated SharePoint mobile app.


Powerapps along with the Office 365 suite of tools that delivers exciting opportunities to build custom apps, drive process automation, and create efficiencies for businesses of all sizes. We often find ourselves in conversations with clients and organizations either curious about PowerApps or with business issues where PowerApps could make a real difference.


Teams is the most popular platform for collaboration ever.

1. Making virtual meetings easier

2. More than a social media chat

3. Adding the social aspect to learning

And the list goes on…

Crisis Communication Apps

Crisis Communication app provides a user-friendly experience to connect users with crisis information as well as on a day to day basis.

The most essential elements of a crisis communication app are:

  • Emergency contacts
  • Company news
  • Helpful tips
  • Quick links
  • FAQs

Saketa Intranet Demo

Maintaining a well set up and interactive intranet can work wonders in maintaining a great employee engagement as well as boosting it frequently.

Click Here to directly see the Intranet Demo

Digital Workplace Best Practices

The potential value of a digital workplace can multiply greatly if we decide to go for digital workplace best practices.


Office 365 Consumption Suite by Cardiolog Analytics

Why Adoption?

A successful adoption strategy

  • Enables employees to integrate Office365 tools into their usual work habits
  • Maximizes Technological ROI
  • Minimizes confusion and empowers employees 

Click Here to view the Teams Analytics demo directly. 

To delve deeper into all these topics, we recommend you to watch the whole recording of the webinar below for better understanding.

Feel free to reach us out if you have any queries or wish to discuss the aspects of Teams adoption specific to your own organizational requirements.

Hope to see you at our next Webinar soon!

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