Utilizing a Digital Workplace to Escalate Business Growth

The business growth of an organization depends on a lot of factors such as automation, collaboration level, employee engagement, and so on. Proper use of the digital workplace stands a place in this list as well.

Use of Digital Workplace under the Business Growth Strategy

The first step towards achieving your business growth comprises of empowering and engaging your workforce with the right set of resources. This automatically leads to ways that generate sustainable profits.

Utilizing a Digital Workplace to Escalate Business Growth

Offering Workplace Empowerment to Employees

Reading the psychology of people is quite a complex process, but quite often effective as well. Money isn’t always the bargaining chip and to ensure greater employee engagement, you need to take care of the other professional amenities as well. There can be many ways to drive engagement and keep the employees motivated:


Offering flexibility in various forms can be great in driving employee engagement. The employees know their responsibilities and letting them decide the way they wish to fulfill it, including the working strategies and working timeframe will help a lot in uplifting their productivity


Redundancy kills motivation. Therefore, to ensure proper business growth, the employees should be free enough to bring up new ideas and implement them if the company policies are not violated due to it. Self-growth initiatives such as learning a new skill, taking up a certification etc. by the employees too should be highly appreciated within the organization.


In order to achieve greater business growth, people need to think big and believe in achieving the then unachievable followed by working accordingly to materialize it. Employees who believe in the greater goal are often the most hard-working, productive, and engaged.

The Key Factor To Business Growth: Collaboration & Communication

The way an organization communicates and collaborates is a critical component that determines the strength of the digital workplace deployed by the organization. Involving employees in conversations about strategic priorities creates buy-in, improved customer experience, and ultimately profitable business growth.

The enchanting influence of the Digital workplace

Powered by intelligent new technologies, digital workplaces are quickly becoming an essential component in collaboration plans that eventually help in materializing the business growth strategies of a company. Modern digital workplaces are simple and effective. Anyone acquainted with the use of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter is sure to find it easy and intuitive to use without the need for any external training. Offering an easy to use and the familiar platform automatically helps with the employee engagement to being in a lot of productivity as well.

How A Digital Workplace Practically contributes to the Business Growth of an Organization

While digital workplaces are a key tool used to create motivated employees, there are also many day-to-day examples of how they can contribute to business success.
  • Providing a salesperson with easy to find product information enhances their ability to sell.
  • Employees can share the approved, key information about an organizations’ products, campaigns and culture via their personal social networks, which reduces the marketing costs
  • Senior executives can hold an online dialogue with the sales and support team without key information being diluted through management layers.
  • The tool can be used to ‘crowdsource’ critical business ideas, including ways to save money and improve customer experience.
  • Everyone in an organization can simultaneously hear about, contribute to, and celebrate success in one central location.
  • In a global organization, a multilingual digital workplace ensures that content can be readily exchanged between employees, regardless of the language they speak.
  • Personalization and customization of a digital workplace mean you can deliver information to the right people at the right time.
  • Integration with software like Microsoft Teams means that employees do not need to switch between screens and applications, which saves valuable time and frustration.
  • Enabling customer service team members to find helpful information internally ensures they can satisfy customer requests more efficiently with a higher quality of response.
Digital workplaces have come a long way since traditional intranets were first introduced. As technology improves, so do modern work capabilities. There are many benefits to implementing a digital workplace, as they provide you with the power to greatly contribute to business success and drive profits.

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