Using Intranet Portals to Automate Business Tasks

Using an Intranet portal is at the core of a successful digital workplace strategy. Many businesses are still depending on intensive manual document-based tasks. For managing emails and key business functions, legacy systems aren’t a good fit for ever-changing workplace needs.  

Wasting time on tedious and time-consuming business tasks results in ineffective resource management. As a result, enhancing process efficiencies using intra-networking and extra-networking solutions is indispensable to your modernization roadmap. 

Verified Market Research reported that the “Intranet Software Market projected to reach USD 36.89 Billion by 2027.” Since 1996, the intranet software market has expanded to become a central piece of modern workplaces globally. A modern intranet software is thus social and imperative to positioning your corporate environment for success from within

Using Intranet Portals

Productivity hacks are abundant in the native intranet software solutions available today. Bringing together all your software, systems and processes is only made possible using a robust employee intranet portal. Every business has multiple functions, and an intranet streamlines tasks undertaken by the people involved in each business process. By improving engagement using intranet usage analytics and gamified user experiences, employees are therefore more invested in their workplace experience. A renewed workplace engagement results in less complexities at work, reducing the burden on IT administration and support services.  

Intranet Portal for Compliance and Accountability

By automating strenuous tasks using AI and automation, many low code employee intranet portals like SharePoint online offer flexibility and convenience to the end user. Saving costs on allocated resources for any business task, using intranet portals also help eliminate errors and risks associated with manual human intervention.  

Impacts of SharePoint Intranet Deployment

Little to do businesses know – a corporate intranet portal can automate a broad range of business tasks and workflows from simple feedback surveys to advanced content management. By centralizing business activity using secure protocols and intuitive software applications, using an intranet portal bolsters compliance and helps distribute accountability across cross-functional and conjoined departments. SharePoint online integrates various third-party and native apps with your intranet portal to create unified digital asset management, accelerating job performance and morale. The many efficiencies within your organization, stemming from increased transparency and fulfilment, result in calculated and agile business decision-making.

A Forbes report states that” Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.” Furthermore, the same report shows that a survey undertaken by HR professionals reveals, “89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes.” 

An intranet being a powerful collaboration tool, revolves around improving internal and external communication across your business. To ensure that your employees feel valued, using an intranet software exposes many possibilities for enhanced morale management. Besides saved time and resources by automating business tasks, using an intranet portal incorporates collaboration and communication at the core of your corporate strategy. 

Listed in the following section are 6 means by which using an intranet portal helps automate business tasks for improved collaboration, communication, and organizational performance. 

Impact of Automating Business Tasks Using Intranet Portals

Automation is everywhere and there is no doubt that every industry is joining in on the latest tech trends. In the business world, if you don’t stay ahead, you lose market share. If you were suffering from slow processes, manual tasks, and inefficiencies resultant of legacy systems, you must know that automation using intranet portals has proven to maximize operational governance and output. 

The added flexibility to your digital and physical processes discovered via intranet usage analytics inspires workplace flexibility. As more resources can be dedicated to employee welfare, the use of intranet portals free up capital and time for decisive corporate positioning. 

Employee Intranet

Listed are 5 ways Saketa intranet portals automate business tasks efficiently.

1. Boosting process speed and agility

As communication is made easier, and collaboration more effective, businesses experience increased speed and agility in business tasks. Employees can take on more strategic roles within departments as effective content management bolsters process governance and efficiency. 

2. Intuitive user workflows

Many organizations using rigorous manual processes find data management a challenge. Using an intranet portal, business-centric activities can be automated with software work. Preventing errors arising due to strenuous, monotonous tasks of the past, an intranet portal eliminates paperwork by digitizing business asset management. Instead, easy-to-use intranet apps can replace hefty work with more organized workflows.  

Using an intranet reduces the steps taken by a task like automating the transfer of digital assets to concerned departments, with easy sign-on and secure authentication protocols.  

3. Simplified search and access

Saketa’s intranet software is built with secure end points, hosted on your native cloud environment with fully managed permissions and simplified accessibility options. An in-depth search function enables your workforce with improved access to information, comprehensive content management and optimal utility of resources. Imagine finding all you need for work at the click of a button. That’s possible using a truly modern intranet. Employee spend less time on repetitive tasks, freeing up more time for productivity. 

4. Manage projects centrally

Consolidating various departmental functions, cross-functional teams can collaborate better using intranet portals. With increased transparency and robust communication channels, employees can use chat, audio or video to make their work more fulfilling. Projects and all related resources are accessed centrally, reducing constraints related to otherwise disparate systems and processes. 

5. Employee self-help

An intranet brings the best of administration and management to your organization. As processes are automated for improved efficiencies, employees are happy with the dynamics of your workplace. People can spend less time performing chores and more time executing ideas. Employees can raise concerns about their work through self-service portals that are quicker to resolve conflicts even before they arise.  

Whether related to finances and taxes, or HR activities and network protocols, employees feel more involved as their concerns are voiced and heard. The key to modernization is an intuitive digital workplace solution, and that’s only possible if employee-centricity is advocated and practiced across business activities. An intranet offers you an edge to steer your way as a fierce competitor in your industry. 

Wrapping up!

A modern intranet portal using Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365), can help ease the tension with email management, can automate business-centric activities for improved experiential value and enhance collaboration across the organization. Microsoft Office on SharePoint online offers popular communication tools like Microsoft Teams, and community portals like Yammer, to list a few of the remarkable Microsoft Business Solutions available.  

As market leader, and recipient of multiple Microsoft awards, Saketa intranet software positions your business with the capability to automate and transform business operations. Built on seasoned low-code expertise, Saketa makes it easy to build and use Microsoft 365 and SharePoint applications, while delivering user-friendly third-party integrations to your core organizational functions. 

Influencing employee experiences for better morale, using intranet portals are no longer a luxury but a necessity for agile digital transformation. Especially as your business expands, an intranet solution can be tailored to grow with your efforts.

Build a cheerful corporate environment.

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