Employee-centricity to Overcome Data Silos

Using an intranet is an enjoyable way to collaborate, deploying intuitive software applications at the core of your workplace strategy. The widespread use of intranets for small, medium, and large businesses is a direct result of the information age, and among the many benefits of corporate life.

By equipping your insurance setup with a collaborative work environment, intranet software for insurance is expected to offer your employees improved means of interaction, work and ways to make work fun.

Using an intranet for insurance to scale your on-shore and off-shore operations is ideal for a business looking to leverage data and cloud capabilities. Considering that the vast content dealt with by today’s top insurers, digital asset management becomes a pivotal aspect of enterprise agility and efficiency. So does overcoming data silos to ensure uninterrupted work and improved social interactions.

What is a data silo?

A data silo refers to data repositories accessed and manipulated by any single department, especially within expansive business units. Isolating other workers from accessing and using the available data may lead to inefficiencies in knowledge and content management. This is where administrative controls of an efficient intrant software become handy.

Data silos often create rifts between teams and impact the collaborative and communicative nature of business processes. By enabling authorship to the user and managing permissions, the intranet for insurance can help prevent biases that arise from data silos in information-intensive organizational settings.

Data silos would otherwise translate to inefficiencies in the long run. By overcoming data silos, insurance companies can build employee-centric and efficient organizations.

Shown below are some steps taken to reduce data silos:
data silos at your company

Creating technical, organizational, or cultural biases within the insurance practice, data silos are common in larger companies with multiple business units to govern, operating independently and each having unique business goals. To get rid of data silos is to execute a well-curated and strategic data management practice. Not only does an intranet software help maintain the integrity of business data by introducing efficient workplace policies, but also channels a transparent and more coherent workforce across various business functions via content management.

Giving authorship to the user

In highly performance driven organizations, doing away with data silos presents many benefits. By getting more people across diverse business functions involved in the management of digital assets like content and data, an intranet for insurance nurtures transparency in business functions and user experiences.

For example, nobody works better than a person who is motivated to do their job well and has access to the tools required to measure progress and outcomes. A well-informed employee is often the best employee. An intranet provides your employees with immense capabilities to leverage information and utilize it for business-specific functions. Harnessing business-critical insights about the nature of their professions, their contributions and efforts bridge the gap between employee-centric work cultures and traditional legacy hierarchies.

transparent authorship

Considering that employee-centricity is at the core of your insurance processes, it is imperative that leadership and management foster accessibility, integrity, and transparency with data. It falls on the shoulders of leaders to create and nurture employee experiences based on tangible evidence of existing system processes, and future implications of current strategies.

Expounding your insurance value chain by augmenting employee experiences, an intranet for insurance uses data to augment processes and implement more efficient enterprise systems for better governance and control over customer, employee, and business needs.

Overcoming data silos urges employee-centricity

As the advent of digital workplaces creates more flexible work environments, an employee-centric strategy is vital to insurers looking to build the best teams. However, the major drawback most insurance businesses face is that data in voluminous amounts require a specific strategy to manage for quality and maintain. This can be resolved by implementing robust intranet software like Saketa’s intranet for insurance.

Here are some benefits observed with minimizing data silos in the insurance practice using intranet software.
  • Reduces complexity of system processes
  • Enables employee-centricity as the core of workplace culture
  • Introduces better avenues to implement technological changes
  • Creates transparency among organizational hierarchies and teams
  • Maintains the integrity of data by centralizing data management
  • Aggregates employee-driven outcomes derived from efficient utility of business data
  • Helps create an inclusive roadmap to augment employee experiences based on evidence

As listed above, the many benefits of intranet for insurance are evident once system changes are made. Using intranet software, insurers stand a chance to better understand their employees, customers and even the nature of business output.

intranet deployment

However, before you chase the winning intranet solution to all your organizational channels, it is important to necessitate business goals dependent on data-intensive architectures. Once you have identified loopholes in existing systems, you can implement system changes that suit your business-specific challenges being addressed.

Don’t ignore the red signals!

For example, if your insurance practice deals with voluminous customer data, safeguarding the data is more important than only offering authorship to the user. In this case, efficient governance tools like Saketa’s operational suite embeds transparency while securing data architectures with intuitive workflows.

Thus, insurers can access only what’s needed and exactly when needed at the interval of a well-executed sales strategy. Using the intranet software, insurers can also decide who has access to what type of information for improved asset management in the enterprise.

To ensure efficient data management, an intranet for insurance streamlines system processes that are data-intensive, citing confidentiality in communication and collaborative business functions.

If you would like to know more about how Saketa stays on top as digital enabler for insurance companies across geographies

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