Top 5 tools that bring in effective collaboration in the Modern Workplace

Do you know what collaboration does to your organization? – It facilitates great ideas!

How do you achieve effective collaboration in the workplace? Have you been optimizing it with your team members? If not, then this article will iterate the technologies that ensure the smooth definition of collaboration.

Collaboration drives innovative success. Research has found that collaboration increases creative outputs and also targets the niche prospects, better. Although collaboration has unlimited benefits to how a team works, many organizations haven’t reaped its utility.

Several barriers lead the team members to not take up collaborative efforts which include, personal conflicts and time-taking decisions. But, when it comes to an organization’s smooth processes, collaboration is one of the primary factors.

5 tools to help you do effective collaboration in the workplace 

1. Interactive Whiteboards 

In the business world, interactive whiteboards have been widely adopted. It not only helps in improving workflow but increases engagement. Interactive whiteboards can boost communication, enable a greater range of data sharing and interconnectivity. When employees are away from office premises, these whiteboards connect them to the ones working within, ensuring a smooth flow of communication and effective collaboration in the workplace.

2. Social platforms

Collaboration doesn’t end at sharing knowledge with the team members. It’s also the quality of employee experience you deliver. Social platforms can be a great source for your employees to coordinate projects, build communities and networking across the organizations. Some of the social networking platforms such as Basecamp, Bloomfire, Yammer, etc., are solutions that incorporate social media aspects attracting the millennials.

3. Connectivity platforms

What makes collaboration a failure is lack of connectivity. Being in sync with all the employees in the organization results in productive collaboration. SharePoint Add-ins such as employee directory connect one employee to other by providing direct communication tools such as Skype calls, emails, IM messages, etc. Also, having a fair idea about the hierarchies of an organization makes work processes smooth ever since an employee onboard. SharePoint Org charts simply address this situation by providing a hierarchy tree of all the employees in one platform.

4. Crowdsourcing tools

Engagement is a key driver of organizational performance and participation drives engagement. Tools with crowdsourcing capabilities harness the wisdom of the crowd (both employees and the customers). Ideas from varied channels help in meeting strategic goals. Also, such activities help businesses identify their best-crowdsourced ideas, assess associated costs and predict future value. Saketa Idea Board is one such platform wherein employees can share ideas with rationales which eventually can be used to create better collaboration.

5. Content Management tools

Having a proper content repository for your organization helps if you’re planning to implement collaboration to your workspace. Ever since, the concept of “Digital Collaboration” has come into existence, keeping content in place has become one of the focus points. Employees need to refer to the important documents that are commonly shared across the organizations. So, using content management platforms can help in collaborating efforts and generating new ideas. For instance, SharePoint Intranet is the most used platform for content management. Using an intranet, you can logically categorize your documents based on various criteria. For instance, all documents belonging to HR policies can go to the HR site, all sales presentations can go to the sales department site, etc. Such a system makes collaboration smooth and categorically effective in nature.

Clearly, collaboration not only improves the performance of the employees and engagement but essentially helps in the performance of product ideas. Saketa is helping business like yours in defining effective collaboration. It offers a Business Productivity Suite that boosts employee communication and engagement.

Want to know more about the Saketa Business Productivity Suite? Start a free trial now.

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