Top 5 Intranet trends for 2023: Building next-level digital workplace

The world of the intranet has seen a significant change in the field of innovation, real-time collaboration, and internal communication causing it to evolve exponentially at the enterprise level. The modern-day intranet demands a streamlined social workflow that facilitates teamwork and productivity is just one piece of the puzzle to solve but meeting the workforce requirements by implementing the entire digital employee experience becomes highly prominent.

Organizations believe their intranet software is designed to simplify communication networks via an internal portal to share and access files, acquire company updates, and enable a two-way engagement for acquiring a better digital workplace environment.

The drastic change in the digital workplace post-pandemic led more organizations to identify the power of today’s intranet with its intuitive features, simplified user interface, time-efficient elements, and increased collaboration abilities which have opened doors to embrace the new future of digital transformation.

What is new in the world of intranet trends 2023?

Work from anywhere flexibility to technology-driven advancements – The onset pandemic implicated employees to embrace the remote and hybrid model with the help of intranet solutions.

According to the recent research by Gartner, 74% of the C-level executives plan to switch their maximum workforce to a hybrid model facilitating communication, collaboration, and providing an integrated digital user experience by 2023.

Companies focus to accomplish multiple tasks with less effort to communicate better and allow global intranet trends in the workplace. Thus, intranet trends have become more relevant than ever to:

  • Promote company information via mobile and desktop integration
  • Engage content strategies and user experience through personalization
  • Boost collaboration with easy and secure external users
  • Provide access to self-service portals like employee onboarding and HR payroll platform that helps teams to adapt and scale work seamlessly.

The Future of Intranet is Digital:

As you may know, the technology landscape is rapidly evolving faster than ever and this year we will observe intranet setting a mark for reaching heights of efficiency and success in the digital workplace environment.

However, for a better understanding, we have compiled a well-structured intranet infographic that will explain key intranet trends in 2023 and the benefits of integrating these solutions across the workplace.

intranet trends 2023

Read on and checkout our list of trend predictions that covers the top intranet features that will keep your digital workplace hooked for this 2023.

Top 5 Intranet Trends to watch out

1. Optimize Integrated Systems

Intranet platforms are extensively being used in workplaces for connecting employees from any location and drive significant productivity gains in both remote and hybrid models. Right from internal collaboration across the workplace to staying up to date with important company information, an intranet serves multiple ranges of functionalities.

Thus, to make work more hassle-free than before, employee intranet accessed with mobile-friendly features improves touchscreen performance, effortless implementation, and uplift smart innovation that scales workplace adoption.

The global intranet trends show that 71% of employees spend over three hours a week accessing company information through their mobile

Keeping your workforce in touch from any location is a challenge. Thus, office 365 integration with Saketa Intranet provides apps like Microsoft Teams and other employee-centric tools. These tools are easily accessible on any device that help employees with their day-to-day tasks, improves user experience and knowledge management all from a single platform in one go.

2. Enhancing Social Intranet tools:

As blog write-up, forums and chat-bot features allow collaboration. Similarly, social intranet trends towards keeping employees engaged and motivated by setting their profiles within the internal network.

Integrating social intranet tools like employee onboarding, HR payroll and employee engagement platform that specializes user-generated content and in-depth company information. Therefore, the social intranet platform help boost workplace collaboration by giving employees a place to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

3. Microsoft Teams as third-party app integration:

Organizations are on the lookout for an all-in-one application that provides employees with standardized collaboration and efficiency which impacts the digital workplace landscape. The evolving Intranet trends encourage, Integration of Microsoft Teams across the workplace which will accelerate employee experience, more possibly help you stay connected and access shared content from anywhere without being time constrained.

Employee Onboarding

However, in the year 2020 – while the ongoing pandemic was on the radar, Microsoft Teams application observed an increase in the daily active users from 75 million users in April 2020 to over 145 million by Q2 of July 2021. This subsequently led to offer over $27.7 billion service worldwide. Therefore, this centralized hub of communication and collaboration platform will undoubtedly be the next big step in the journey of digital transformation.

4. Personalized employee experience

The next big internal communication trend in the workplace will be intranet personalization. Organizations are on a run to ensure their employees get personalized experience which will lead to active usage of intranet activity.

But the question is – How to create this personalized intranet trend for employees to come back and forth and add value to the platform?

The solution for this will be simply effective by focusing on employee-centric content that is specific to the industry or based on each employee’s skill and interest. Therefore, creating a personalized space for users that meets their day-to-day requirements, keeps them engaged with constant news and company updates will ultimately benefit the entire workforce with increased productivity and adoption rates.

5. Measure and Analyze Intranet Success

Identifying the company’s internal communication strategy and analyzing the key metrics of the future employee intranet will be the next game-changer by interpreting data-driven decisions, productivity and measuring performance in the digital workplace. However, evaluating engagement metrics as well as acquiring user feedback can maximize intranet success with more user-friendly and modified functionality.

Additionally, the new intranet trends suggest – if you as an organization are focusing to level-up your digital workplace culture then the following will help improve your intranet goal:

  • Generating captivating employee interaction with content,
  • Analyzing knowledge gaps within your teams
  • Finally, identify the usage insights of your intranet with the Office 365 site.

Therefore, in terms of attaining employee engagement and satisfaction, Intranet analysis will play a huge role in tracking bottlenecks within the workplace and produce effective results leading to intranet success.

The Bottom Line:

2023 will observe a steady rise in the intranet trends which accommodates the digital workplace patterns, meaning either opting for a remote or hybrid model. Whereas, today’s intranet will play an integral part in creating a unified culture that provides great employee onboarding experience, productivity, and social featured benefits in the journey of digital transformation. Therefore, we can say that as intranet trends digital workplace will be a huge asset that binds employees together.

To learn more on how to leverage modern intranet that will help boost better employee experience. Check out our blog that will guide you through the top 10 modern intranet features.

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