Top 5 Benefits of Hospital Intranet Software

From virtual visits to the doctor to overall healthcare workforce management, hospitals can lean on digital tools like hospital intranet software to help save lives and provide the best healthcare services to patients.

Healthcare is not just about disease prevention and treatment to patients, but also universal support to ensure uninterrupted availability of healthcare services to people in need. Owing to the massive advancements in AI and cloud app development, healthcare operations are now more streamlined than ever before.

Why hospital Intranet is a must-have?

The main reason why people rely on well-organized hospital intranet software is because of quality care afforded to patients and staff, on time and ensuring affordability.

To improve the quality of treatment and care, healthcare workers often require access to the right equipment, patient data and knowledge support to do the best job. Effective hospital record management and healthcare apps integrated with existing systems can produce vast opportunity for hospital staff, physicians, professors, nurses, facilities managers, logistics persons and patients to benefit most.

intranet in hospital healthcare

As modernization via technology holds the key to advancement in healthcare practices, the use of digital tools for collaboration, data management, operational governance and patient support are in demand. By reducing costs on operational overheads, a hospital intranet streamlines various organizational functions.

Leveraging AI & ML for automation, modern hospitals can cater to demand at scale and velocity with an intranet software – Saketa’s hospital intranet software.

What are the benefits of a hospital intranet?

This post highlights 5 main benefits of using a hospital intranet software, to facilitate exceptional healthcare services and transform workforce dynamics for better availability, response, and patient care.

Listed below are 5 key benefits of hospital intranet software.

  1. Improved knowledge sharing and organizational success

    Using universal healthcare policies, hospitals are better positioned to manage large-scale demand, ensuring the best care is provided to patients consistently. Merging hospital records with inventory maintenance while eyeing the latest advances in medicine, hospitals deal with a lot of data. Being able to monitor activity across the hospital or multiple hospitals is only possible with a robust network architecture, powered by intuitive applications. For example, graduating medical professionals who are employed by their healthcare institute may require basic training to understand various health policies and practice-related information before taking up responsibilities.

    Using your own hospital intranet, knowledge sharing, and organizational output can be measured, and incorporated with system changes that occur as new staff is onboarded. The same hospital intranet allows seamless transfer of patient records to different departments across the organization. Ensuring that all the patient’s history is made available to recover the most suited treatment and transparency, allows hospital management to dedicate resources critically, and as needed.
    knowledge management healthcare intranet

    Hospital intranet thus helps hospital administrators manage emergencies better, and afford the best healthcare to patients, being available 24*7 and always aware of what’s lacking and what areas to improve in the future.

  2. Reduced operational overheads

    According to a recent report by the Centres of Medicare and Medicaid Services, the U.S. overall spent $4.1. trillion in the year 2020 on healthcare. Paired with rising costs for equipment and infrastructure, healthcare services in America pump a lot of resources in to ensure that demand is met with quality services.

    Using an intranet, the average hospital can save money on operational costs, by enabling more effective communications, transparent financial records, reduced manual labor, increased system efficiencies, and maximum availability of resources.
    As operational costs come down due to the organizational changes introduced by intranet software, hospitals provide more affordable patient care, while dedicating more resources to investing in infrastructure and security. An intranet standardizes treatment protocols online and offline, resulting in a more flexible, knowledge-backed, and data-driven operational setting.

    Involving multiple stakeholders in key decisions, onboarding new staff, and managing people’s grievances become that much easier as the hospital intranet garners transformative insights at every stage of the hospital’s operations.

  3.  Improved caregiver morale and satisfaction

    Managing stress is a major concern in the healthcare profession, owing to the nature of work and hardships witnessed daily. Having a stable profession at a leading hospital isn’t all unless caregivers gain satisfaction from their daily work. Using an intranet, it is much easier to govern and oversee your healthcare workforce. The intranet brings all stakeholders of the hospital onto a common platform, where periodic surveys and seminars can be conducted to influence morale and gain feedback.

    By enabling effective collaboration, a hospital intranet opens new avenues to build healthy relationships with co-workers and patients. In fact, with improved patient data management, the intranet offers hospitals the ability to tap into new medical advancements, expand healthcare operations and personalize their services according to the patient’s needs.

    employee-centric intranet

    Using intelligent apps to engage and retain your hospital staff is possible with the mobility of modern intranet software like Saketa’s hospital intranet.

    As various parties across departments benefit from transparent communications and effective information management, the intranet for hospitals builds better governance policies and employee benefits based on insights derived from healthcare workers.

  4. Improved coordination and caregiving

    As per the Bain Report, the healthcare intranet has boosted coordination among healthcare teams and various functions by 2x. This means automation is key to expanding healthcare operations.
    As various groups come together to help provide care to patients on time, the processes involved in healthcare become more streamlined.

    Robust information management systems transform the way hospitals are managed and afforded to those in need. Online forms, automated workflows, enhanced financial planning, inventory alerts, and notifications can be set up easily to ensure better control over digital assets and healthcare services.
    hospital intranet fuctions

    Offering personalized dashboards and applications to caregivers, the overall output of their daily work improves.

    For example, a nurse could maintain frequent trips to the patient ward with an application that saves all her interactions with the patient, including the patient’s medical history and nature of the treatment. This helps reduce errors in busy hospitals, which usually house hundreds of wards for patients. By assessing the performance of daily activities, healthcare workers can continue to provide the best care with insights into the nature of their job, the impact, and the support of co-workers.

  5. Measure results of all hospital activities

    Undoubtedly, the ability to measure the scale and impact of specific hospital activities is the biggest advantage of hospital intranet software. Administrators can regulate shifts and monitor performance metrics to justify the impact of existing workforce dynamics.

    With insights into every process and person involved in your healthcare operations, a hospital intranet software centralizes systems and devices with data-driven workflows. Knowing how effective your paramedics respond to emergencies, how well patients are taken care of during holidays, and how people perceive your brand are all possible with data.

    Your hospital can thus use data obtained via intranet applications to address critical issues that impact performance, and output.

    Hospital management staff can use the intranet software to make better decisions by responding to the needs of healthcare workers and patients. By placing effective policies to govern your entire healthcare operations, intranet software provides result-driven means to measure and improve service availability, treatment, employee welfare, and patient care.
Transfrom the way you work with Saketa intranet

Saketa’s award-winning interface comes with a cutting-edge productivity suite, ensuring operational excellence and control over all your hospital’s data. Proven to accelerate transformation and modernization for healthcare, the intranet software consolidates various mechanisms, stakeholders, and services to create sustainable and flexible business processes.

Take on the future of your healthcare setup with Saketa.

Bring the best of patient care and employee welfare to your hospital.

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