5 Tips to Plan a Successful Upgrade to Microsoft Teams

Adopting a digital workplace solution goes beyond a global crisis. Shaping the digital future lies in the hands of those who will be a part of it and it always helps when you decide to go with the flow. As we have all witnessed the huge popularity of Microsoft Teams in the past few months of isolation, it will be considered a wise decision if an organization decides to Upgrade to Microsoft Teams for better Digital workplace experience. Deploy Microsoft Teams to your Systems to promote Collaboration and Productivity.

Why Upgrade to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enhances the overall Digital workplace experience by extending the capabilities of your email and collaboration apps to give an all in one experience. Having chats, calls, virtual meetings, and file storage at a single place works wonders in enhancing user engagement and productivity. It helps the users get their work done conveniently which in turn escalates the user satisfaction and business growth. When remote work has become a necessity, the best action on our part is definitely to collaborate and communicate in the best way possible. Thus, Microsoft Teams is the best tool to streamline your business irrespective of all the organizational and geographical barriers and establish a well-organized remote workforce.

Upgrade to microsoft teams

Tips to plan a successful Upgrade to Microsoft Teams

Identify the key challenges

Every organization, no matter how similar to each other, will always differ in their roles and requirements. These requirements vary in terms of work culture, communication style and so on. Likewise, the challenges faced by the workforce of every organization too is quite unique and cannot be evaluated on the same page.

So the first step on a company’s behalf remains evaluating their own situation. They need to get to know the conveniences and requirements of their employees and confirm if Teams migration is a good option for them.

If they find it valuable enough, then only should they plan and proceed further.

Design the change according to the company-specific needs

Once that you have decided to migrate, try to understand your company’s specific needs that exist now as well as expected to persist after the migration process is done.

For example, it might be possible that there exist specific platforms that your employees have worked upon for years, let’s suppose SharePoint. Suddenly stopping the access to that platform and forcing them to use Microsoft Teams instead can definitely affect their convenience, leading to a decline in productivity.

Instead, try migrating from SharePoint to Teams while keeping the option to use SharePoint separately too. Give them their independence to choose.

Teams Adoption

It is very important to focus on Teams Adoption in your organization if you really wish to make your Teams migration a success. The migration will be considered a success only if it is received well by the users. Spend some time understanding your user base, identify the ways to draw them towards Microsoft Teams. All you need is to make your people aware of the great features that Teams can provide to make their communication and collaboration easier. Get to know their challenges, consider their suggestions, and feedback and find ways to enhance Microsoft Teams adoption.

Consciously delve through the entire process

It is understood that once you decide to migrate to Teams, you would like the migration service provider or the migration tool to do all the end to end work on your part. The migration tool is sure to do its part but along with it, your personal eye upon the process can be great too. It is evident that no one knows your workforce better than the people in your organization. So, when the Teams migrator is doing its part, it will be very beneficial if someone from the company keeps an observing eye over it. Be sure that having additional knowledge helps always. Having knowledge about the migration steps as well as the risks involved will ensure a smooth and hazardless flow of processes.

Encourage employee engagement

Any platform is considered popular and successful only when it is used enthusiastically to the fullest by its users.

You must encourage employee engagement in Teams so that the purpose of the migration turns out to be fruitful. Attract your employees towards the platform. Engage them in such a way that Microsoft Teams becomes an inseparable part of their professional lives. Then only can the Teams ensure maximum productivity.

We are extremely happy with the initial response to our Teams migration module and are glad to be a part of the digital transformation journey of these organizations. We look forward to serving more and more customers in upgrading and migrating to Microsoft Teams.

Need additional assistance in planning Teams migration? Feel free to contact us if you need any aid in planning, implementing, and governing your Teams migration.

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