Happy Thanksgiving Day 2021

It’s Thanksgiving 2021, and you’re most likely planning to go through the end of the week enjoying and devouring delicious goodies with loved ones!

So, First of all, wishing you all A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day!

This year has seen a different range of changes in the Business Scenario that varied from Remote, partial-in-office, and hybrid. The employees have been striving to push your organization through these unprecedented times while fighting all the odds.

The work-life balance has endured intensely because of remote work and the lack of limits between personal and professional life. While the employees work persistently to moderate the effect of the pandemic, it’s a smart move to engage them with the much-needed time off work. Thanksgiving Day is the ideal chance for this.

With Thanksgiving festivities, it’s a good way to show your employees your appreciation.

Whether your employees are working remotely or hybrid, it’s a smart thought to arrange virtual Thanksgiving meets as real-life gatherings are still not safe, considering the danger of COVID-19. This may sound different from the usual celebrations, but the fun of enjoying together remains the same.

Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 Celebration at Saketa

Here’s how we at Saketa are Celebrating Thanksgiving lavishly but safely this year.

Microsoft Teams Get-Together

Microsoft Teams as always is our Digital Workplace Hero. Being the hub for end-to-end professional collaboration, it has become our festive companion too.

With more than 90 million daily users, it is our major remote and hybrid workplace resource and has turned into an indistinguishable piece of the modern work culture. Therefore, Migrating to Microsoft Teams and stressing upon Teams collaboration joint efforts has ended up being an incredible guide.

This year we are hosting an MS Teams party with lots of homemade food and our in-house music band.

Thank you MS Teams!

Saketa Intranet: Fun Activities

No celebration can occur without lots of laughs and enjoyment.

As difficult as it may seem, socializing remotely is no longer as frowned upon as it used to be. We relied upon the latest collaboration and communication capabilities of Saketa intranet on the most challenging work front and now when it comes to festivities, it turns out to be our best friend in this aspect as well.

The way the digital workplace platform has aided our business growth by empowering and engaging the workforce with the right set of resources is quite obvious that in turn, helps with sustainable profits.

In addition to driving engagement and keeping the employees motivated throughout the year, the Saketa Digital Workplace Solution has helped us keep our whole Thanksgiving week enjoyable with a lot of fun contests, games, memes and lots more.

Thanks to the Saketa platform for enhancing the Remote festive experience!

And Finally, Thanks to the Ones who have Always been There!

Our ThanksGiving cannot be complete without showering our Gratitude upon you.


This Thanksgiving, it is important to express profound gratitude to Our Teams!

All those people who hustle the entire year around to run your business efficiently. It is important to say thanks to each of the employees for their commitment towards the business.

We are grateful to all who are part of our mission to enhance our users’ experiences. Looking forward to a great future together!


It’s a given to be appreciative of loved ones – every one of them who’ve remained by us through the thick and thin, whether professionally or personally. They’re the ones we rush to for help or guidance when confronted with problems, or when we really want to settle on complex business choices.


What’s more? Obviously, how can we forget to thank those on whom our business relies upon – Our clients, particularly those who’ve consistently been supporters of our brand. With limited scope for business travels and onsite opportunities, it is their cooperation and efforts to adapt to the new work culture that has kept the business running smoothly.

Additionally, we would like to show appreciation to those customers who’ve helped us with our business growth with their constructive criticism and suggestions – regardless of whether the feedback was negative or positive. It has helped upgrade specific parts of our business.


Finally, as Thanksgiving Day has been an occasion of gratitude and love towards each of the beautifully positive elements of our lives that we often take for granted. Even though the celebrations are a bit low-key than usual, why miss such a great opportunity to count our blessings!

Therefore, before we get to the end of the Thanksgiving 2021 week, we would like to invest some time in saying ‘Thank you’ to everyone who’ve helped make life and business what it is. If not for them, we wouldn’t be so cheerful and successful this year by making every moment count!

Once again, A Very Happy Thanksgiving 2021 to All of you and your family! Have An Awesome One! 

Saketa Migrator & Intranet Suite

Looking forward to make every occasion awesome like we do. Saketa Teams Migrator and Saketa Intranet can prove to be your best choices!
Reach us out to know more.

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