Thanksgiving Day 2020: 3 Things to be Professionally Thankful

2020 has been difficult for everyone. Still, Thanksgiving Day 2020 gives us an opportunity to think past all the negative experiences we have been going through and have a fresh perspective towards the ones we should be thankful for.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day 2020

First of all, a Very Happy Thanksgiving Day! Thanksgiving Day in the USA and other countries has been an occasion of gratitude and love towards those beautifully positive elements in our lives that we usually take for granted. Though the celebrations might be a bit low-key or rather “Remote” this year, we cannot miss the opportunity to count our blessings. Thanksgiving Day 2020: 3 Things to be Professionally Thankful Let’s ponder upon the factors that made 2020 easy professionally. We are listing them to you as our way to celebrate Thanksgiving 2020.

1. Adaptable and Reliable Remote Technology

2020 demanded almost an overnight transition from in-office operations to Remote work. With Lockdown being implemented in every part of the world, communication and collaboration among the team members. With so much on the stake on the professional front, eventually finding a way out was essential. Making sure that all communication and collaboration are digitalized is a must. As a result, remote technologies and collaboration platforms acquired quite an important role in keeping the work going.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams emerged as a modern Digital Workplace hero. It is the hub for collaboration for many organizations with chat capabilities, video conferencing, file storage, and integration with many Office 365 and other third-party apps. Microsoft Teams has emerged as the most popular communication and collaboration platform. With more than 80 million daily active users, it has become the ultimate collaboration hub of the digital workplace. With its increased usage, the data involved in Teams too is taking up the form of a humongous resource, which in turn is letting it become an inseparable part of the modern work culture. Therefore Migrating to Microsoft Teams and stressing upon Teams collaboration has proved to be a great aid.

Thank You MS Teams!

Digital Workplace

We need to invest in the latest collaboration and communication platforms with digital capabilities to work in the most challenging environment in such a way that it can be replicated for as many people as possible. The first step towards achieving your business growth comprises of empowering and engaging your workforce with the right set of resources. This in turn, automatically leads to ways that generate sustainable profits. Money isn’t the only bargaining chip when it comes to employee efficiency. Instead, to ensure greater employee engagement, we need to take care of the other professional amenities as well. There can be many ways to drive engagement and keep the employees motivated but having an appropriate Digital Workplace Solution in place can be a great start.

Thanks to the Digital Workplace platforms for enhancing the Remote experience!

2. Dedicated Work from Home Employees

If the employees are empowered enough to work with the latest technologies and crisis phases gracefully, the organizations can easily adopt the remote work and digital workplace for the long term. We are grateful for all who have joined us on our mission to enhance our users’ SharePoint experience. We look forward to our future together!

Thanks to Everyone who stood by their responsibilities even when Unsupervised!

3. Considerate Customers

The most significant thing to be thankful for this year is of course our Clients who have been so cooperative and considerate. With no scope for business travels and limited onsite opportunities, it is their efforts to adapt to the new normal as well that kept the business unaffected.

Thanks to all the Considerate Clients who made these tough situations seem Easy!

We at Saketa are celebrating our Thanksgiving with some home-cooked delicacies and friendly calls over our Teams channels. And we wish a very Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and your family as well.

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