Top 10 Microsoft Teams Migration Features your Migration Tool Must Have

Teams Migration features that a migrator offers plays an important role in selecting the perfect migration tool. Execute Teams migration in the most simplified way possible, without affecting your internal communication and collaboration with Saketa Teams Migrator.

Teams Migration Features to ace Digital Workplace Experience

Microsoft Teams emerges as the modern Digital Workplace hero. Being the hub for collaboration for many organizations with chat capabilities, video conferencing, file storage and integration with many Office 365 and other third-party apps and tools, Microsoft Teams features list goes on and on. Such huge functionality of Microsoft Teams features and benefits has made it a modern workplace essential.

With more than 80 million daily active users, it has become the ultimate collaboration hub of the digital workplace. With its increased usage, the data involved in Teams too is taking up the form of a humongous resource, which in turn is letting it become an inseparable part of the modern work culture.

Therefore, it’s high time that the organizations adapt to Microsoft Teams and make it their default communication app. A business opting to embrace Teams into its work culture is sure to profusely benefit from it in terms of better connectivity which in turn will boost the inter-team transparency and thus, deliverance quality.

Teams Migration Features

Upgrade your Digital Workplace with the Best Microsoft Teams Features

Migrate your entire SharePoint Tenant to Microsoft Teams or from one Teams to another efficiently. Leverage the power of Microsoft Teams to achieve the best collaboration experience ever.

Get to know the most prominent features to consider while chosing your Migration Tool

1. Teams to Teams migration

With no effective readymade migration option available, Microsoft Teams migration is concerning for many industries who might need a dedicated technical teams specifically for this purpose. Instead , choose a 3rd party tool that can 

  • Migrate entire Teams along with its associated SharePoint Site Migration.
  • Work with the same Teams even after migration and enhance your collaboration by migrating Owners, Members & Permissions.
  • No need to start over again. Just migrate your Teams settings Tabs & Apps to your destination to restore all its pre-existing information.

2. SharePoint to Teams migration

Observing the technical aspects of Teams, we find that its framework lies on a skeleton of SharePoint itself. A Team or Channel creation is done by leveraging storage platforms like SharePoint and all the Teams data and files use SharePoint as their storage or data source.

Therefore it is a wise decision to migrate SharePoint to Teams so that they can enjoy all the advantages of SharePoint within Teams and vice versa

  • Migrate from SharePoint to Microsoft Teams, including SharePoint Sites, Document libraries, permissions, and much more.
  • Have a easy to use Teams governance app to help with post-migration governing issues.

3. Channels Migration

Channels are some of the most useful features of Microsoft Teams and keeping them intact even after migrating from one tenant to another can be quite useful. Therefore, choose a migration tool that can-

  • Preserve your private channels as well as your public channels during migration.
  • Migrate all your channel files, folders & items at the destination without any hassle.
  • Save time managing Permissions & Settings by simply migrating them.

4. Conversation Migration

Teams has become the basic communication tool across the organization. Thus, the Teams conversations might contain really very important, useful, confidential and sensitive information. Therefore, a Microsoft Teams Migration tool must

  • Effortlessly migrate all your Messages & their respective Replies in appropriate order
  • Keep all the fun intact by easily migrating all Mentions.
  • Migrate your entire metadata to your destinations with ease.

5. Customized Migration

Your migration tool must be flexible enough to be customizable to the migration needs specific to your organization. Make sure that it allows you to

  • Run smooth migrations during the hours that best suit your schedule
  • Choose the pace of your migrations and migrate at high speed if chosen
  • Handle unresolved users by mapping source users with target users with User & Group Mappings.
  • Migrate only what you need or migrate everything you have with the fully customizable Copy Options.

6. Schedule Migrations

Scheduling is a very essential feature that your migrator must offer so that you can plan your downtime in such a way that it doesnot cause any harm to the continuity of your business processes. It should let you

  • Schedule the start and sequence of migrations
  • Choose if you wish to go for recurring or one time migration
  • Choose your migration type as full backup or incremental
  • Get email alerts upon migration completion to monitor it from anywhere

7. Migrate permissions, settings and apps

Permissions apps and settings are quite crucial elements of Teams personalization and must remains conserved during the migration process. It must provide features like

  • Replicate Teams settings
  • Auto User Mapping

8. Preserve Channel setup during Migrations

Apart from Channel Migration, the channel settings too need to be preserved properly and should be applicable automatically to the new tenant too. The Teams migrator should thus provide features like

  • Auto-create existing Channels
  • Auto User to channel Mapping
  • Channel Metadata Migration

9. Insightful Analytics

Analytics is essential to evaluate the success rate. make sure your migrator delivers –

  • Pre and Post-migration Reports
  • Complete content inventory analysis and insights
  • Error and warning alerts before the actual move

10. Turbo Speed

Apart from the usual migration speed, the Microsoft Teams Migration tool must give its users an option to choose the migration speed according to their organizational requirement. It should allow you to use-

  • High Speed option
  • Azure or any other storage account

Experience all these Teams Migration Features in Saketa Teams Migration Tool

Saketa happily proclaims itself to satisfy all the above teams migration features. Would like to give it a try?

We recommend our 7 Days free trial to let you experience it yourself before concluding with a decision.

Saketa Microsoft Teams Migrator

Saketa Teams Migrator makes your Teams migration effortless.

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