The SharePoint Intranet for all Enterprises to Consider: Saketa Intranet

In the past two years, be it a simple transition of ‘My Sites’ to ‘Delve’, or integration of new apps like Flow, Power BI, Forms, etc., SharePoint online has gone through many changes. Deprecation of ‘Sandbox Solutions’ to the new ‘Modern Sites’ or bringing new development models like SharePoint PnP JavaScript Core…

Here’s what you need to know about O365 and SharePoint Intranet (if you’re still unaware!)

Intranets act as a mode of communication between people working in an organization. Sharing information, uploading or downloading data, communicating and collaborating with peers are just some of the best features of a good intranet. Agreed that an intranet may have the potential for security risks and building it is a bit…

5 great tips to build the best SharePoint Intranet [Infographic]

Digital workplaces are quite common in today’s organization and to make communication seamless, companies have switched over to Intranets. An Intranet serves as a 360-degree communication platform for an organization that keeps both in-house and remote employees at one place, ensuring instant connectivity. It gives an overall picture of all the whereabouts of your organization.

What Digital Collaboration should mean to an organization?

Flexible working hours and the advantage of working remotely are not bonuses – these are situations which employees expect. With changing times and latest technological advancements being introduced in the market, the way employees are functioning is also changing. Gone are those days when the workplace is a physical space, occupied by the workforce during

How to build a smarter intranet

We are a part of an evolving world where advancements are occurring at an exponential pace. In such a growing environment, intranet acts as a one stop solution for all internal communication needs within an organization. Intranet enables organizations to overcome location boundaries and maintain every employee interconnected with each other and on the same…

The Art of Componentizing the Enterprise Solution

User experience has come a long way since the 1990’s. From static pages that defined the 90’s to the interactive dynamic content dished out by today’s JavaScript developers, the web experience has evolved to become crisper and smarter. However, the user experience of the enterprise products have not kept pace with the seamless experience that…

5 Key Features to improve user adoption of your SharePoint Intranet

The launch of SharePoint gave Intranet portals a much wider acceptance among organizations. This happens as SharePoint have much readily available out of box features that revolve around document management, search, and collaboration. SharePoint minimizes efforts required to locate content within SharePoint sites as well as in other external content sources.

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