Tackling the Microsoft Office 365 migration challenges

O365 migration can be complex, thus, we need to plan out our strategy for the Office 365 migration challenges beforehand.

Microsoft Office 365 has emerged as the most important business productivity platform and thus, the handling of  Office 365 migration challenges too has become an important business process.

Being a lengthy and complex process, Office 365 migration encounters a number of problems. Some of these are security, governance and compliance, bandwidth, downtime, archival and backup.

In order to be well prepared, we must identify the issues that may cause confusion during an Office 365 migration and tackle them.

Office 365 Migration Challenges

Migrating to O365, that is the cloud version of Microsoft from an on-premise environment has many useful and attractive benefits means, overall flexibility to access it anywhere, anytime, collaboration ease, organized data storage and so on.

So, it’s good to analyze and take the necessary steps in the migration planning step itself.

The Migration Decision and Planning

Migrating to Office 365 requires ample planning and a good SharePoint knowledge. Choosing the migration type is very important and depends upon your work culture and available migration downtime.

Always evaluate assets and plan your migration accordingly. Knowing what exactly your inventory consists of can pay off in terms of migration efficiency and minimal time-consumption.

Hybrid Migration Office 365

This type of migration is suitable for partial cloud users. Organizations that migrate only a fraction of their data to the cloud and it is almost of no importance now due to the sudden surge in remote work culture.

The best solution is to use the Active Directory Federation Services to the full extent to enable access to the O365 features and the On-premise features as well as to eradicate complexities whenever required.

Not Enough Bandwidth

If your organization functions 24*7, then you will face this problem. Many organizations have a huge amount of data to be migrated, but the downtime is much less than the requirement. Shorter bandwidth directly implies longer migration time along with added complexities due to incremental migration needs. Scheduling can be a great idea in such cases but, you might still experience delay in the overall working processes of the businesses.

An easy way to optimize this problem is to use third party migration tools that have multiple risk mitigation arrangements that are specifically designed to make the SharePoint data migration process easier. Saketa is one such tools designed to meet your organizational needs, irrespective of workforce size.


People consider security as a major success benchmark. Thus, it is natural to assume security as a major concern during migration. But, this is not true when it comes to Office 365. Because Microsoft developed their Cloud version of SharePoint with an impenetrable security system. The Cloud is designed in such a way that, you need to have access to perform any kind of action- be it just view or edit a document. So, let go of your fears and embrace the Cloud and take advantage of its many features without any doubt.

Migrating to the Cloud has its own challenges, but, ultimately, the results are well worth the difficulty. However, you’ll also choose the much easier option, i.e., opting for a tool built exclusively for SharePoint Migration. One such tool is that the Saketa SharePoint Migrator, which is developed to supply an answer to all or any issues encountered while migrating and give you the much-needed Office 365 migration help.

Check out the Saketa SharePoint Migrator here.

Roadblocks to SharePoint Migration

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