Social Intranet: An effective way to boost employee engagement

Employee engagement and social intranet success go hand in hand! – This is not just a statement but a fact. The ingredients that lead highly engaged employees to accomplish the set goals involves a high rate of productivity, job satisfaction, recognition, compensation raise, reduced employee turnover and individual teams’ relationship. However, the most integral part that mainly drives internal communication and boosts employee collaboration is the power of the “Social Intranet platform”. 

According to a survey conducted by Gartner, it was observed that only 36% of the overall workforce are actively engaged at their workplace. However, 13% feel disengaged as they experience lack of communication, transparency, and poor workflow management systems.

Thus, the all-inclusive centralized intranet hub not only features exchanging ideas and information across the workplace but most importantly empowers team-wide collaboration and contributes to organizational effectiveness that ultimately improves employee engagement and efficiency.

Are you interested to know more about how to develop a well-equipped guide to social intranets that makes communication and engagement easy and hassle-free? Here you go – We’ve summarized this blog that will guide you through the best go-to ways to extend intranet capabilities into the future of the digital workplace and maximize employees to connect, engage and collaborate seamlessly with the digital frontline.

Firstly, what is a #Socialintranet?

Kudos to intranet and social network communication, which has accelerated technology advancement to a degree where users can effortlessly connect and interact with people across the globe without any geographical and time barrier.

Quite literally the word Social Intranet has no formal definition but to describe better in a layman’s language, It is a platform that binds employees to connect and establish lasting relationships through a substantial number of social collaborative tools that features easy access to publish user-generated content, add comments, tag mentions and much more. This fosters interaction and engagement in the corporate feed.

Especially, as the way of work has changed where businesses are welcoming all new remote and hybrid models. The social networking channels are essentially increasing in demand for online-based knowledge sharing and engaging teams together that subsequently accelerates the future of digital transformation.

Latest data trends observed that: 44% of employees experienced wider adoption rates while incorporating social communication tools

A social intranet meets its success goals only when businesses show consistency and open doors to upgrade the social collaborative tools. With Saketa Intranet embark on the digital collaboration journey that transforms your organization with the right tools which leverage the best solutions to connect, manage and boost employee engagement.

Therefore, Saketa is an All-in-one, easy to use solution that efficiently roots to 3 primary factors such as:

  • Enabling two-way communication
  • Fostering employee connection and collaboration
  • Building a strong corporate culture

Features of Social Intranet:

A robust intranet software complies with a wide range of capabilities that provides employees with the ability to create fun interactive content, share updates, conduct internal podcasts and overall give employees a voice that instantly renders workforce productivity, innovation, and engagement.

Let’s have a quick glimpse at the key salient features of optimizing a social intranet in your organization:

Features of Social Intranet

How to improve employee engagement ideas with social intranet?   

Social Intranet leaps forward to facilitate internal communications and builds meaningful relationships across the workplace. However, today the usage of this platform is rapidly transforming to become more effective and crucial in the hybrid work era.

Whether your organization has a well-equipped collaborative tool or not, we have compiled the following infographics that jot down the social intranet mapping journey and how it seamlessly drives potential employee engagement.

Social Intranet Infographics

7 Social Intranet best practices for effective employee engagement

Virtual communities engaging on these social channels allow employees to consume and share relevant content, manage project management with ease which leads to increased productivity as well as maintaining optimized efficiency. Thus, such employees thrive to be in an environment where they can enhance their expertise, define their scope of work and experience great performance.

However, the fact is companies face challenges while implementing a social intranet. Wondering what are the best practices to be considered while using this networking tool in your organization? We’ve got you covered.

Here are the following sure shot ways of how social intranet can host powerful networking capabilities that cultivate employees to potentially connect, collaborate and engage.

Best Practices of Social Intranet

  1. Conduct tailored intranet training to new onboarding:

Every employee in the organization is not too tech-savvy to understand the digital levels. Instead of assuming employees to figure out everything on their own, Companies can go an extra mile by conducting proper training programs on the social intranet to all the employees.

Ideally, adding the learning manual to the intranet homepage will increase the social feature functionality and make employees easily interact through liking, tagging, sharing, and commenting. Especially, determining experiential workshop sessions for the new hire over the intranet will maximize a strong culture policy and boost employee engagement.

  1. Discover the power of mobile integration:

As you may know in the new-age modern world over half of the population use a mobile device. A recent study found that more than 80% of intranet traffic is attributed to mobile devices. This shows that the modern intranet solutions are translating full mobile capabilities into the workplace and making it more actively accessible to employees to collaborate and engage.

Therefore, to provide employees with unlimited access to get all the company updates, launching a mobile intranet app will be the best suitable solution to build a strong workforce community, encourage employee engagement and productivity.

  1. Centralized social hubs drive employee adoption:

Positive adoption levels and consistent interaction in the social hub acts as a key to navigating company intranet success. Through this easy-to-use social intranet software, newly onboarded employees can quickly adapt to the following,

  • Improve efficiency with the social and fun aspect,
  • Speed up prolonged tasks and projects with ease.
  • Get access to file storage features that migrate documents or contents within channels, feed, and media.
  • Urges employees to post industry specified niche content on the social hub.
  • Conduct virtual onboarding meetings that maximize internal communication and collaboration.
  1. Say hello Third-Party apps

Social Intranet provides real-time updates and increases momentum on the feed that strengthens employee internal relations and provides employee skill visibility. However, using these third-party apps such as Microsoft teams can be embedded into this social collaborative tool. Today’s intranet on Microsoft Teams features to bring corporate internal data to share, collaborate and communicate within a single interface in one go.

  1. Reward collaboration promotes enterprise success:

Reward and recognition format can be promoted in the social intranet hub. You might be wondering how? So, here is a solution – The great way to celebrate this value-driven achievement is by conducting a collaborative virtual event of rewards that ensures employees get kudos or awards.

Another way to offer this recognition via social intranet is the ability to enhance peer-to-peer recognition by creating a leaderboard space. Through this space, employees are well appreciated by their co-workers, leaders, or the entire workforce. Therefore, encouraging the teams to interact, engage and improve the employee experience and digital workplace journey.

  1. Announce entertaining posts via weekly newsletter campaigns:

Outdated, repetitive and irrelevant posts levels down to lack of consistency in the intranet. Thus, having a communication content roadmap will help a social intranet amplify big time. Typically, a social intranet is designed in a way to open doors to every single user across the workplace publishing user-generated content, video, images, etc. Therefore, it will take the social intranet platform one notch higher if companies optimize by sharing entertaining and funny content via weekly newsletters.

  1. Analyze accurate engagement via social collaboration:

One of the key ingredients to a high performing and successful social intranet platform is tracking and monitoring daily, weekly, and monthly comprehensive analysis. This measures analysis of any form of content, news, company updates published in the social hub to deliver insights on the engagement and adoption levels of the employee’s behaviors over the intranet.

Key Takeaways:

As it may sound right, companies using these social intranet platforms improve the internal communication, culture policy and leverage employee engagement. There is no doubt that social intranet is evolving rapidly and will be a big game-changer in the future of the digital workplace.

At Saketa, we aim to improve employee experience, engagement, and collaboration via the enterprise social intranet. To learn more on how to efficiently measure employee experience through the centralized hub platform. Check out our blog that will guide you through the journey of acquiring AWESOME digital intranet experience.

Turn your company intranet into a social hub

Reboot the power of social intranet with a value-driven workplace collaboration strategy

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