SharePoint Post Migration Checklist : The Final Step of Migration

The migration of data to a new SharePoint environment is not an easy task.

SharePoint post-migration checklist plays a major role in reducing migrational data hazards. Either it’s a manual migration or a third-party tool migration, most of the time, you might end up with missing or corrupted data. Checking for missing data and remigration is a more complex task.  

After finishing the migration process, there are multiple parameters or areas which need to be checked to ensure that migration is successful. You must validate all those parameters manually on the migrated content in the new environment. 

To simplify this hectic process, Saketa SharePoint Migrator has provided a feature called Post-Migration check. 

What does Post-Migration Check do?  

The Post-Migration Check feature compares the source content with the migrated content at the destination and generates a detailed report on differences found. This helps you keep up a great check upon your SharePoint environment during and even after the migration process.  

Saketa SharePoint Post-Migration Checklist:  

Users and Groups:  

The Post-Migration Check feature will inform you if a user or group doesn’t exist on the destination site. It also suggests a workaround like making use of user and group mappings to avoid such issues. 

Views and Forms:   

It also informs you if there is any difference in views and forms in the target list/library. 

Metadata Validation:  

Through this feature, every column, content type, managed metadata linked-to document, list, library or site is compared with that of the Source. Every version of the document. Post Migration report gives you a report about whether the field values exist at the destination for complex fields like lookup, user or groups, choice, taxonomy, calculation, etc. 

Site Collection and Site Features:  

 This feature will alert you when feature activation failed, or if some features are deprecated at the destination. 


It also checks the migrated workflows and actions at the destination. The Post Migration report lists all the properties that are not available in destination actions. 

Site Objects: 

It also verifies sites, lists, libraries’ existence at the destination. It also checks Site settings and List settings differences. The Post Migration report gives you a detailed description of the differences found after the data migration is wrapped up. 

To get more details about Post-Migration Check, check the documentation here. 

Therefore, the SharePoint Online Migration Checklist is a must to validate that your migration took place properly.

Saketa SharePoint Migrator also supports the following features as well, which makes it a one-stop solution for all kinds of migration:

  • SharePoint to SharePoint migration 
  • Cloud to SharePoint migration 
  • Filesystem to SharePoint migration 
  • SharePoint to Filesystem migration 
  • SharePoint to Microsoft Teams

To install and to get more insights on Saketa SharePoint Migrator, check the link  

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