SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online Migration

SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online Migration has become one of the most sought steps to fit into the current shift to remote culture.

As a leading SharePoint Migration Tool, Saketa has dealt with a lot of such SharePoint online migration customer experiences. Therefore, we are very well aware of all the measures that need to be taken care of while planning migration to office 365.

So, here are our tips to plan SharePoint migration to office 365 in such a way that it makes your SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online Migration the smoothest experience ever!

SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online Migration Planning Tips

SharePoint On Premise to SharePoint Online Migration

Keep a track of your Content needs

The foremost step of any migration plan must be evaluating your content and migration priorities. No plan can be good enough if you have not been able to evaluate your SharePoint content before opting for the migration. You need to know what are the important data that need to be moved first. Additionally, data backup plans too need to be in place to avoid extreme losses in case of migration failures.

You need to create a premigration checklist keeping in mind all your data and further requirements. This will ensure a smooth migration process to follow. Also, be aware of the difference in on-premise and online content structure to avoid any post-migration delay or loss of access to content. Additionally, keep a track of your metadata as well.

Manage Permissions

Migration also includes migrating the permissions in your pre-existing on-premise SharePoint. Therefore, it is advisable to go through the permission settings. Reconsidering the permission settings of your content before the migration to SharePoint Online. And in case you wish the same permissions to be inherited, it is ensured that there is minimal risk and a good SharePoint governance is followed.

The properly formulated governance plan will prevent improper sharing or access to sensitive content.

Formulate Your SharePoint Online Governance Plan

Post-migration SharePoint migration is very important to ensure that the new SharePoint Online platform is utilized properly. While migrating to SharePoint Online, determining the organizational governance policy in advance will ensure proper utilization of the Microsoft 365 governance tools.

If the content to be migrated and the governance rules are pre-determined, the governance can automatically be applied to those content after being transformed to the destination as well. This ensures proper content governance, risk-management and information-protection as soon as the content gets stored in the destination platform.

Be Open to Change

Migration has usually been deemed a problem by the customers rather than a solution. But it indeed is an opportunity.

SharePoint On-premise to SharePoint migration is an opportunity to re-evaluate your entire SharePoint platform as well as the technology involved with it. You can evaluate all your content and permissions. Upgrading your old workflows as well as the automation tools. If your organization is open to accept positive changes and is excited to discover new opportunities, adoption to the new Sharepoint platform will become exceedingly simple.

Go for a Pilot Test

Directly jumping into migration might not be the best idea altogether. Instead, try going in for a patch test. Make sure your migration is preceded by a pilot or test migration to validate that your migration plan will be successful enough. This can be a major risk-mitigation strategy during the real migration project. Involve the key SharePoint users in the pilot so that their inputs can be utilized properly.

Bottom line: A Sharepoint Migration Tool isn’t a bad idea

SharePoint Migrations aren’t that simple. Also, they are not among the tasks that are carried out quite frequently by the organizations. In fact, for some organizations, SharePoint on premise to SharePoint Online migration is just a once in a lifetime experience. This makes it difficult for the IT department to be experienced enough to carry out successful migrations. This is an utter waste of their efforts for figuring out a process that they wouldn’t need for many years to come.

Why not save that time and effort to utilize in some other significant organizational process. This makes it a valid reason to opt for the expertise of a SharePoint migration tool. Let your migrator simplify your migration process while you focus on others.

Saketa SharePoint Migrator

Saketa Migrator makes your SharePoint Migration and Office 365 migration effortless.

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