SharePoint Kanban App – Your Smart & Visual task manager

Microsoft SharePoint empower organizations across industries for its digital collaborative workspace, intranet solutions, and apps.

Often SharePoint is utilized across departments to create custom sites and portals for sharing, creating, and managing files and tasks. SharePoint, by default, provides Task management utility called Task List, where Project Managers can create and manage tasks and delegate it to their team members.

Project Managers are continuously working on achieving strict timelines, accommodating all agile requirements of Clients to deliver a required solution within given timeframe. Many times, the same Project manager will be a shared resource amongst multiple projects. However, with an increase in the number of projects and tasks, the task management, skill dependencies, and transparency becomes a concern, and often tough to visualize all at once in SharePoint Infrastructure. SharePoint Kanban App helps to overcome this challenge in very subtle and simple way.


Project Manager Challenges in SharePoint Task List

  • Multiple Projects
  • Skill Dependencies
  • Visualization of entire project
  • Identify project delays
  • Update task status


Saketa Kanban Board Tast CheckList

In SharePoint Kanban Board App, Manager can directly pick SharePoint Task list and create Kanban cards with all task items, their status, assigned users, and all its related task details like start date, end date, defined priorities, and percentage completion of the task. Managers gain more transparency amongst all Processes with respect to the flow of work. For updating status or details of the task, SharePoint Kanban reduces the effort of an update to 75%, as Tasks cum Kanban cards can be accessed by simple double click and updates can be achieved by simple drag and drop facility.

SharePoint Kanban allows Top management, Project Managers, and team members to see the visual flow of work in real time. This gives an added advantage to ensure smooth workflow, monitor work progress and identify any delays, which can be at a process level, task level or at a team member level. Also, this visual management offers organization to identify factors contributing to the resource and team efficiency. Kanban can help organizations to create their custom transparent processes with explicit policies allowing them to continuously improve. Hence, to stay ahead-of-the-curve, organizations using SharePoint can implement Kanban board app at all levels, to ensure smooth flow of work.


Benefits of SharePoint Kanban Board App

  • Visualise Workflow
  • See Just-in time progress
  • Spot Project Bottlenecks
  • Easy Drag & Drop of Tasks
  • Easy Monitoring & Controlling

Kanban board is widely accepted across organizations and industries because of its minimal learning curve, and simple principles and practices. One can ensure the effectiveness by implementing following Kanban Best Practices:

  1. Visualize the work in terms of Processes
  2. Limit tasks in Work-in-progress (WIP)
  3. Allow team to create and agree on policies explicitly
  4. Collect feedback regularly and improve continuously

To achieve effectiveness, SharePoint Kanban lets entire team create their project/ product specific policies to achieve the desired goals, for example, the team’s Definition of Done for each process can be discussed and agreed upon mutually to avoid wasting time and effort. Once team agrees on defined set of Policies for a given project, monitoring, and controlling activities becomes very transparent and effective. Each member can visualize the flow of all tasks through all processes and everyone takes ownership of the completion and timely project delivering.

SharePoint Kanban board App can help you achieve your desired goals. Are you facing the turbulence in terms of the visual flow of tasks and team effectiveness? Our process consultants can help you by mentoring the implementations and assist you in identifying best practices and policies specific to your team.

Schedule a demo or free consultation on SharePoint Kanban Board App now.

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