SharePoint Intranet Using Microsoft Teams – Your Collaboration Hub

For over a decade, companies have deployed SharePoint as their intranet. SharePoint intranet’s relevance is signified by the Neilson Norman award, an equivalent to the Grammy’s of the Intranet space.

Saketa’s modern intranet solutions leverage Microsoft Business Solutions like SharePoint as an intranet combining M365 digital workplace expertise.

Why SharePoint Intranet is Easy to Deploy?

SharePoint is at the heart of Microsoft 365 digital workplace solutions. The core purpose of SharePoint intranets is to augment employee experiences and engagement through seamless collaboration and communication. Microsoft’s commitment to foster exceptional access to digital workplaces has produced outstanding results. As Microsoft gold partner’s, Saketa’s award-winning intranet software has positioned businesses with an operational and administrative advantage over their content.

While a vast segment of corporate intranets is driven by SharePoint online, the platform has only improved in accessibility and features. Featuring a modern UI/UX that is easy to master is configurable due to SharePoint’s low code flexibility. If you are already a SharePoint user, you should know why Saketa’s SharePoint Intranet has doubled its user-base year-over-year.

Workplace Solutions

Being easily customizable and offering workplace flexibility, SharePoint pivots around the urgency for intuitive workflows to personalize employee experiences. Owing to the easy-to-build nature, Saketa’s SharePoint expertise affords companies with the most-suited intranet solutions that is easy to govern, master and scale up. Cutting down operational costs, and bolstering process efficiencies, intranet software is key to building modern workplaces.

How Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace Solutions Add Value to Business?

Alongside a winning intranet software, Microsoft 365 encompasses numerous workplace solutions to centralize all your company’s digital communications and collaboration initiatives. Among the most appreciated Microsoft 365 apps is Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams – Your Hub of Collaboration

Teams is an ultimate testament to Microsoft’s innovation. Combining video conferencing and intuitive collaboration software into one single unified system, Microsoft Teams has witnessed massive success and adoption across industries. Microsoft paced up their efforts in innovation with this tool which streamlines communication and collaboration in the digital workplace.

MS teams- Hub of Collaboration

Keeping everyone onboard connected

With over 115 million daily active users, Microsoft teams is a fan-favourite for many reasons. The software uses interactive media to keep all your employees connected and engaged.

Microsoft Teams brings administrative privileges to your company as employees come together at cross functional as well as functional levels. Optimizing Teams for your organization is easy and being integration-friendly inspires digital agility and workplace flexibility.

Here’s how:

  • Teams and channels can be set up according to objectives of your organization, enabling improve human capital and asset management
  • Different teams can utilize multiple applications that connect them to other streams of data and content
  • Each team can gain its own configurations to navigate the digital workplace, ensuring that quick access to resources is the employee’s right

Using Teams software, companies have witnessed a massive spike in productive work and the app is known to save time and effort in daily communications and collaboration efforts.

MS Teams Features

As your teams and cross-functional departments begin to discover seamless workflows and cooperation, organizational output leads to more rewarding outcomes. Rather than spending needless time clarifying key FAQs, HR and IT support can use a Teams chatbot to automatically provide employees with resolutions.

According to Forrester, a chatbot reduces the burden on IT Helpdesk and HR requests by 10% to 15%.

Enhance Communication and Collaboration to Save Time

The flexibility to configure and integrate Microsoft Teams applications, helps specific departments prevent bottlenecks that arise due to silos in an organizational setting.

Forrester’s TEI report on the healthcare sector states,

“A healthcare worker company used Teams as a space for doctors and nurses to collaborate in real-time on treatment at patient level.”

According to another research study by Forrester, the productivity savings achieved by using Microsoft Teams could be between $8.8 million and $21.7 million.

The innovative functionalities and utility of Microsoft Teams among organizations of all sizes and industries, saves between 30-90 minutes a day by making processes more efficient. Thanks to this streamlined Microsoft business solution, physicians and nurses can save between 65 and 108 hours each year, attending to time-critical patient grievances.

Love the Way you Work

Microsoft 365 apps like the community-building marvel Yammer, and the highly personalized interface of SharePoint x Microsoft 365 digital workplaces are transforming the way companies work.

By reducing operational backlogs and eliminating data silos that arise due to legacy processes, a SharePoint intranet is enhanced by your Microsoft business software. Build a workplace of the future with Saketa’s intranet and digital workplace solutions.

Unlock seamless operational efficiency.

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