How can you Improve your SharePoint Intranet Communication?

The SharePoint Intranet Communication is regarded as an integral part of the organizational work-culture and inter-mingling enhancement system. Thus, setting it up has become quite compelling to most organizations. But do you think just setting it up is enough?  

Of course not! The purpose of the intranet will be fruitful only when it is widely used by all the employees willingly and in fact, they wish to come back to it again and again not just because they are compelled to due to work purpose, but because they find it engaging and intriguing. Here are some flashcards for you as an employer, stating what can be done on your part to arouse that interest: 

Interesting In-Network Chat features to replace Social Media Create Interesting In-Network Chat features to replace Social Media 

If we can direct the traffic to the social media networks to our own intranet, it can be of great use. This can be done by designing smooth, non- interfere able chat features. 

Birthday & Anniversary Notification in IntranetBirthday & Anniversary Notification 

Make the employees feel at home by being a part of as well as celebrating their special days. 

 Feedback System in IntranetFeedback System 

Feedback is an essential pillar to maintain the working integrity of an organization. Improve transparency within the organization by seeking active feedback from your employees and understanding how employees feel about specific initiatives within the organization or the organization in general. 

Quick Polls in IntranetQuick Poll 

Allow your employees to share their valuable opinion and make them a part of your decision-making process.  

Open Door Anonymous Suggestion in IntranetOpen Door Feature or Anonymous Suggestion forums 

There should be such tools which allows every employee to give suggestions either for the overall company’s interest or to a co-employee irrespective of anyones post. Usually people refrain from suggesting to people who are senior to them or even to their colleagues to maintain their personal bonds at the cost of their professional improvements. Adding an option to go anonymous can help a lot in this regard. 

tasks in sharepoint IntranetTask 

Encourage employees to check their current work allocations, and upcoming deadlines, allowing them to prioritize work effectively. Discover pending tasks easily using friendly filters. Show important information, such as due date and the person the task is assigned to on the widget itself. Prioritize tasks by checking the priority of the tasks in your task queue. 

Easily Accessible Internal Documents and LibrariesEasily accessible internal documents and libraries 

All the public data of the company from any department must be accessible to all the employees through the intranet. This saves a lot of time when old data are to be used by people of other departments for their own work. 

Virtual Rewarding System

Who doesn’t like getting praised! So, we should be providing a chance to the employees to praise each other for whatever they find good in each other. It will create a very positive and encouraging environment.  Quick Links in IntranetQuick Links 

Display links to the most commonly visited websites or blogs, thus giving your employees access crucial information while simultaneously saving them lots of time. 

Organizational NewsletterOrganizational Newsletter 

A weekly newsletter keeps everyone updated with the ongoing stuffs in the organization. 

Common Virtual SpaceCommon Virtual Space 

There should be unguarded public virtual places where people can discuss about things other than their job.  

Well connected and updated profiles 

Make the profiles informative and relatable. Remember them to be as employees and not as just mere bio-data. All the profiles must  

Encourage two-way communication 

Annoucement or notification type of communication must be replaced with two way communication.  

Latest NewsLatest News 

Share company news and broadcast important updates related to your organization, thereby increasing transparency across the organization and making everyone aware of what is happening across the workplace. 

Announcement portalAnnouncement Portal 

A well updated announcement portal must be accessible to whole of the organization. 


It will be great to ensure that the intranet should be responsive to as much mobile devices as possible. 

Discussion Forums in SharePoint IntranetDiscussion Forums 

There should be open discussion forums where people actively take part. 

Special Welcome and Farewell designed specifically for Onboarding and Off-boarding respectively 

On boarding and off boarding are very crucial for both the employee and the organization. These little modules can help a lot by making people feel connected.

Collaboration and remote tools in intranet Collaboration and Remote tools 

SharePoint Intranet Communication should allow maximum scopes for collaboration as well as remote working tools. 

Dynamic homepage and engaging contents in Intranet Dynamic homepage and engaging contents  

Every employee will have different preferences regarding the content to be consumed. So, the intranet should be intelligent enough to sort the contents according to that for each user.  


Saketa SharePoint Intranet Suite empowers you with great creativity and productivity tools live inside every window along with business apps deployable on SharePoint that help you explore, connect and work more efficiently. The personal customization option provided by the SharePoint Intranet Communication system , according to your organization’s preferences makes it stand apart, giving you an amazing digital workplace experience. 

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