Scheduling a SharePoint Migration- Why & How

First off, let me ask, why schedule a SharePoint Migration? 

Do you ever think of having an option to schedule the process of migration to run at a later point of time? Isn’t it very helpful if the migrations are running automatically whenever you require, without having you at the machine?

Let’s run an example for better understanding. 

Assume that you have assigned a task to migrate data from the same source to the same destination every day to get the destination synced with source. You can do the migration by configuring all the options without any issues most of the times. But knowingly or unknowingly, while doing the same work repeatedly, it’s certain that you misconfigure some options resulting in the corruption of data. It is also certain that you can even forget to do the migration at times.  

Now, let’s consider another scenario where your organization has assigned you the job to move the data from an On-Premise site to Online site on the specified date, before a specified time, as the On-Premise servers will be uninstalled after. If by any chance, even if you are reminded through your personal apps but still you could not do the migration because you are not there at the machine, or due to other important work at the same time, the result will not affect just your job, but the loss of organization’s crucial data.  

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just schedule your migrations beforehand and relax? The answer is yes, scheduling makes the job a whole lot easier and a whole lot stress-free. But is there such tool that meets your requirements perfectly? YES!  Not just the above two cases, but almost all your scheduling requirements some listed below) can be achieved using the Scheduling Feature in the Saketa SharePoint Migrator tool. 

Advantages Of Scheduling A SharePoint Migration

  • To run the migrations in lesser busy hours so that the running SharePoint sites won’t go down because of the resource utilization by these migrations and users accessing these sites won’t get affected. 
  • When you want to migrate large amount of data, to ensure successful migration by avoiding most server related errors, its best to schedule the migrations when servers are free and resources availability is high.  
  • When you want your target library in sync with source libraries. 
  • When you want to sync your file system with SharePoint document libraries. 
  •  To migrate data from a source on which currently some operations are going, and you know the average time at which the operations will be completed, you will be required to schedule a ‘One Time Run’ task. 

Now that you know why scheduling is important and how it can make SharePoint Migrations a lot more successful, let’s gain a deeper insight into the Scheduling Feature of Saketa SharePoint Migrator.

Saketa SharePoint Migrator- Scheduler

With the help of Saketa SharePoint Migrator’s Scheduling feature, you can schedule SharePoint migrations to run automatically at any point of time, either on a recurring basis or only once. 

For example, you can sync your files from cloud with SharePoint library once a week by scheduling a recurring migration from Cloud to SharePoint, or you can configure a onetime migration for a site collection when you are moving from On-Premise to Online . 

Whenever you come across any requirements, just schedule them, they will run on their own at their timelines even if you are not present. Just track the sessions reports whenever you have free time. It’s as simple as that.  

  • You must keep the application ‘On’ in order to run the scheduled migrations. 

 How To Schedule a SharePoint Migration Using Saketa Migrator 

  • You should configure the migration before scheduling itOn Saketa Migrator’s landing page, go to the migrations tab and go the required module you want to schedule migration for. 
  • Connect to the required source and target connections and click on ‘Copy’. 
  • In Copy Popup of the migration, turn on the ‘Schedule’ option and configure the migration to run them at specified intervals and click on ‘Schedule’. A job will be created with the specified details which you can manage under ‘Scheduled Migrations’, if required. Schedule a SharePoint Migration
  • You can configure the migration to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly within the specified start and end dates. 
  • If you want to run the migration only once, set the ‘Schedule Interval’ to ‘One Time Only’. You can even set the migration to be run after another scheduled migration is completed. You can configure the same by selecting the dependent scheduled migration in the column ‘Schedule After’. 
 Managing Scheduled Migrations

 You can manage all your scheduled jobs under ‘Scheduled Migrations’ section of Saketa Migrator’s home page. Managing a Scheduled Migration


View all the scheduled tasks here. If at any point of time, if you wish to edit the time at which the migration is to be run, you can always edit the job before it starts.  

In Progress

All the jobs currently running will be listed here.  


All the completed jobs will be displayed here. You can click on individual job to see the detailed information of the job and the migration report of the session.  


All the jobs that are completed successfully for all the intervals they are configured for, will be listed here. You can delete the expired jobs if you wish. 

You can also use ‘Saketa Shell’ to schedule your migrations. For more information check Schedule your migration using PowerShell script. 

 To install and to get more details of advanced features of Saketa Migrator, check Saketa Migrator site. 

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