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Over the last few years, Saketa has been working upon transforming from a dedicated SharePoint Migration tool to an overall SharePoint solution. We have been putting our best foot forward to evolve our Sharepoint new features with a vision to cover any and every kind of issue that a SharePoint user may come across during different lifecycles of SharePoint usage.  

Saketa New SharePoint Features

SharePoint Features: What’s New?

Here’s a look at how Saketa evolved through the first half of 2021 to bring in the bests in every aspect of your SharePoint efficiency. Read on to know the top 7 New SharePoint features that help us stand out to be every SharePoint user’s best friend….be it during the pre-migration planning phase, migration phase, or just to maintain the SharePoint platform efficiently. 

1. Microsoft 365 Governance

Governance is defined as the policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that manage how employees utilize your company’s SharePoint. For auditing, we have a comprehensive platform of M365 Governance Tool that provides detailed information on our tenants’ user adoption and how they use best practices and guidelines. Saketa M365 governance provides precise information about your tenant, the activity of the external user and orphan user, sharing links, inactive sites, security activities, hidden list details, etc. which helps you to take necessary actions to protect and stabilize your tenant. These new SharePoint features are a combination of activity reports, inventory, and summary reports and visualizations with advanced filtering and searching capabilities, as well as an export feature. To visualizing the complex data, we are using advanced graphs with clickable behavior. 

We have different types of reports as follows: 

  • Sharing analytics 
  • Security analytics 
  • User analytics 
  • Site analytics 
  • List/Library analytics 
  • Document analytics

2. Personal and Group Chat migration from Slack to Teams 

We launched a new module called Migrate Direct messages in slack to teams, which allows us to migrate slack personal chats and group chats as Teams personal chats and group chats. 

Benefits of Using Slack to team’s Direct message module: 

  • Personal Chat can be migrated as Personal chat or group chat. 
  • Users of personal and group chats are automatically mapped and displayed in user mappings; however, we can manually map to different users if necessary. 
  • When migrating as a group chat, we have provided the feature of renaming the group chat. 
  • We can enable or disable Personal Chats, Group Chats, Conversations, Files(content) 
  • To enable or disable in bulk we provided Global Filters

3. Slack to Teams Self Chat Migration 

We have Self Chats in Slack where we can ping ourselves, and we have added a new feature to the slack personal chats migration module called Self Chat Migration, which allows us to migrate our Slack Self Chat to Teams. 

In user mappings, we have an option called Self-Chat User where you can map a dummy user and have all your Self Chat conversations and files migrated to that dummy user. 

Benefits of Using Slack to team’s Self Chat Migration: 

  • Self-Chat can be migrated as Personal Chat or Group Chat. 
  • We can rename the Self Chat when we want to migrate it as Group Chat 

4. Box Business and Enterprise Migration 

Box Business/Enterprise migration is a new feature in Saketa cloud migration. In addition to self/personal account migration, we can connect with Box business accounts Admin or Co-admin account credentials and migrate the contents. 

Benefits of Using Box Business and Enterprise Migration: 

  • Admin or Co-admin can migrate the contents of his own account as well as the accounts of other users in the organization. 
  • User and Group permissions can be migrated. 
  • All permission level mappings are predefined and can be changed based on the needs of the user. 
  • If box group is not available in the destination, we can use Create Box group as where we provided three options to create as 

                    a. SharePoint group 

                    b. Security Group (option available only when connected with Azure) 

                    c. Don’t Create 

We can use user or group mappings to map different users or groups according to the requirement 

5. Support for Education Teams (Class, Staff, PLC, etc.) 

Teams to Teams migrator now supports migration of Education teams like Class, Staff, Professional Learning Community (PLC), and other team’s templates. 

Saketa Migrator supports the following migrations in education teams: 

  • Team Creation with template same as the source  
  • Team Users migration (Teachers, Students, Owners, Members)  
  • Assignments and Grades migration  
  • Default Notebook migration (Class Notebook, Staff Notebook, PLC Notebook)  
  • Class Materials migration  
  • Channels migration  
  • Tabs and conversations migration in Channels

6. SharePoint Inventory: Support for Library and complete File analysis 

Before a smooth migration, we have to analyze the content because of few SharePoint limitations in different versions and also have an idea about the entire site. We have a feature called SharePoint Inventory. It gives metrics such as no of sites, no of lists, custom content types, custom permission levels, workflows, size, etc. It also gives the error details which may be encountered while migrating. Now we are generating the inventory reports of library and lists levels and analyzing each content of the list. Also giving the details of workflows, InfoPath forms, custom solutions, unique permissions. 

7. Filesystem Inventory: Advanced Metrics 

Same as SharePoint inventory we also have file system inventory to analyze the files and folders in the file system. This inventory report provides metrics that include the size of selected content, percentage of success/error/warning as per expected issues that may occur while migration. We have a graphical representation of all the expected errors and warnings like blocked extension, too long URL path, large files, missing permission. Now we are also giving the details of the hidden list, owner, author, permission, item levels details in the summary of file system inventory. 

Other Supported New SharePoint Features

Though not every feature can be covered by the migration tool itself, here are the few features that our Team of Experts has expertise in. Reach us out to discover the ways we can make these processes smooth for you.

1. Teams Governance – Coming Soon

After success with SharePoint Governance, we are about to launch Teams Governance with a rich set of options to facilitate smooth Governance across the Teams.  

With one click, you can generate governance, security, inactive, popular, and adoption reports of Teams, Channels, Conversations, and content in your organization.  

A few of the high-level features available will be:  

  • Team, channel, content, and user Activity Reports. 
  • Adoption reports like popular Teams, channels, users, and content. 
  • Inactive Teams, and channels.  
  • Governance Reporting on associated Team Sites. 
  • External and orphan users and their Sharing Activities. 
  • Content and conversation report. 
  • Security Reports

2. Build your own visualizations 

OOTB Governance and Security reports of SharePoint and Teams should be sufficient to get and set Governance practices in your organization. These reports are based on Microsoft and Industry best practices. However, if you want to create your own reports and view the data you required according to your organization’s requirements, you can easily build these reports with advanced CAML style filters, visualizations, and advanced reporting capabilities we are providing, and these are highly customizable according to your needs.   

3. InfoPath to Power Apps conversion (Saketa Services) 

InfoPath end of the life demands a better alternative to achieve similar capabilities in modern SharePoint. Power Apps in one such alternative that give complete capabilities InfoPath forms offers and gives advanced intuitive capabilities required in modern days.  

However, converting InfoPath to PowerApps is not an easy task and requires converting all XML-based InfoPath data published in document libraries to be converted to list items before creating PowerApps on top of that.  

We provide tooling and service capabilities that will help you to achieve this task with ease.

4. Broken Links Management

One of the biggest challenges in migrations is links correction in Excel Files.  

Excel files contain many scenarios like hyperlinks, pivot tables, external links, and many more where links are directly embedded as is or used to get data from other excel files. Correcting them in migration is not an easy task and manual efforts take a lot of time and energy are still error-prone.  

With our experience over the years in different on-prem and online migrations, we build a tool that will help you with inventory reports of the above details and link corrections in Excel files in SharePoint based on your providing corrections mappings file. 

Also, we are offering service capabilities for the New SharePoint Features that cannot be covered in a migration tool itself. Either get the migrator and do it for yourself or you can opt for our services and we will do it for you.

Reach us out to know more! or Buy Saketa SharePoint Migrator 

Saketa SharePoint Solution

Explore an All-In-One SharePoint Experience that you’ll Love !

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