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SharePoint migration as well as Microsoft Teams migration are the need of the hour for every organization that wishes to stay up in this competitive remote work environment. Office 365 migration tools thus turn out to be a professional necessity. You just need to strategize it properly and improve the user experience to many folds. But we also need to be aware that if there is any mismanagement or planning error, it might lead to the risks of data corruption or data loss.  Therefore, risk management becomes an obligatory measure. We must take up the complex task of making our system able enough, to identify, assess, and minimize risks, thus reducing losses. It might include processes such as accessing the severity, monitoring and mitigating risks whenever they arise. 

The Best O365 Migration tool

office 365 migration toolsTurbo speed with custom mappings   

SharePoint migrations became much easier with the help of third-party o365 migration tools available in the market. But when it comes to SharePoint online migrations, performance and throttling issues are always primary concerns no matter which tool we use. Because of this SharePoint throttling effect, sometimes SharePoint sites will also become unavailable and causes poor performance to the users accessing the sites.    To address these issues, Microsoft came up with a separate API for migrations named Office 365 Migration API. This API leverages Azure and boosts the migration speed like ever before and throttling effect will be greatly reduced, so users can use SharePoint sites without any performance issues even at the time of heavy migrations.  Saketa Migrator allows you to migrate either with the usual speed or go for turbo speed if the client has an azure storage account.  

Automatically Provision OneDrive Accounts 

OneDrive for Business sites is not created or provisioned until a user first visits it. So, it is difficult to prepare a list of OneDrive for Business site collections to migrate.  To migrate OneDrive for Business sites, being a tenant admin is not enough. The user needs to be a Site Collection Administrator of every personal site that is to be migrated. When migrating thousands of sites, provisioning all the sites is a tedious task.  OneDrive for Business provides a minimum of 1 TB cloud storage. So, it is quite complex and not at all a feasible solution to migrate manually when thousands of users and files are concerned.  To overcome these challenges, going for a third-party migration tool is a better solution. Choose the tool that provides a wide range of features, which not only reduces manual work but is also cost-effective.  There are a few office 365 migration tools available in the market, that are offering OneDrive for Business sites migration to another tenant. Most of them migrate only a personal document library to a new OneDrive for Business site. If you are looking for migrating not just files but a whole lot more, choose Saketa SharePoint Migrator as it migrates the entire Site Collection. 

Teams to Teams Migration Tool

With no effective option of easy migration available, Microsoft Teams migration has become a matter of great concern for many industries that now need to assign dedicated technical teams just specifically for this purpose.     We at Saketa faced a similar situation and thus decided to come up with its solution, not only for ourselves but for our customers too. It wasn’t that easy, but we kept building upon our client feedbacks as well as our personal experiences to chalk out this new Microsoft Teams Migration module.   This upcoming module of Saketa Migrator specializes in Teams Migration. It introduces an easy and fast way to migrate to Microsoft Teams from different tenants, be it Teams to Teams migration or SharePoint to Teams. 

SharePoint to Teams Migration 

Sharepoint turns out to be one of the most popular collaborative platforms of all time. With more than 70% major companies utilizing its services, SharePoint and Office 365 have been a market leader and continue to hold a strong position there as one of the  major office 365 migration tools that most of the companies cannot let go of.  And as Microsoft continues its quest to improve Sharepoint to reach the best of its adaptability, it is sure to remain an inseparable part of the Digital Workplace for many years to come.  SharePoint’s popularity and vast usability are undeniable but with the whole corporate world being reduced to a single virtually connected Digital workplace, new embellishing tools such as Microsoft Teams, planners, etc have emerged as new workplace essentials.  The feats of Microsoft Teams are known to all. Teams combine chats, meetings, notes, etc by integrating it with SharePoint for file storage, planner for task listing, and outlook for mailing features, thus becoming an all in one Teams collaboration hub. Along with the common features like call, real-time chat and multiuser audio/video meetings, it’s extrinsic features such as custom background, live captions, multiple channels, etc. have made it a new normal. Now, even imagining a digital workplace without Microsoft Teams is impossible.  SharePoint is undeniably among the best as well as the safest data storage and collaboration platform, but its scopes of teamwork are limited. It allows multiple users working on the same project but for interpersonal communication, you would need external platforms such as a phone call, a chat-based app, a video calling app, a media-sharing app, or our best companion, Microsoft Teams which integrates all these services.  If we look at the technical aspects of Teams, we get to know that its framework lies on a skeleton of SharePoint itself. When a Team or Channel is created, it is done by leveraging storage platforms such as SharePoint. If you already have SharePoint, all the data and files being used in the Teams use SharePoint as their storage or data source.  Therefore it is a wise decision to migrate SharePoint to Teams so that they can enjoy all the advantages of SharePoint within Teams and vice versa 

CAML Query Builder 

Saketa is the only migration tool that allows you to use CAML Query builder and it is one of our most distinguishing featureTry it out for yourself to know more. 

Post-Migration Check 

After finishing the migration process, there are multiple parameters or areas which need to be checked to ensure that migration is successful. You must validate all those parameters manually on the migrated content in the new environment.   To simplify this hectic process, Saketa SharePoint Migrator has provided a feature called Post-Migration check  The Post-Migration Check feature compares the source content with the migrated content at the destination and generates a detailed report on differences found.   This ensures that no unwanted loss of data that might have occurred during the migration is retained and can be rectified when time is still there.   Thinking of giving our migration tool a try? Click here

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