Pointers to rejoice the upcoming SharePoint 2010 End Of Life

SharePoint 2010 End Of Life Extension

SharePoint 2010 has been one of the most popular platforms ever. With SharePoint 2010 End of Life slated this year, most of its users resorted to SharePoint migration to a better SharePoint version while few couldn’t due to the ongoing pandemic emergencies. Microsoft realized the problems of its users and thus, extended the SharePoint 2010 End of Life deadline from Oct 2020 to April 2021 to avoid putting such a large number of users and their data at unsupported risk. But this extension in no way means that that the SharePoint 2010 migration is insignificant. In fact, you must plan and execute the migration as soon as possible.

End of Life: An opportunity in disguise

While the pressure to immediately migrate might get on your nerves, it is indeed a great chance to go for an efficient digital transformation. The up-gradation to a better collaboration platform definitely proves the SharePoint 2010 End of Life to be of great business value.

New Technological Adoption

The SharePoint 2010 end of life brings in an urgent migration requirement. This in turn proves to be an automatic situation of Technological advancement. SharePoint upgrades itself with each version and so do the compatible technologies. If you are moving to SharePoint Online or higher versions, you can include the new technologies like PowerPlatforms, workflow, etc, and new interfaces that the newer version offers. The upgradation allows new tools to be used. This will make your digital workplace faster and more user-friendly. This will eventually help with revenue generation as well. The newer SharePoint versions will facilitate your employees and make it much easier for them to function properly.

Increased Security and compliance

Every time a new version is launched, the security system upgrades with the latest technologies. SharePoint Online or Newer versions of SharePoint are a lot more secure as compared to SharePoint 2010 with a wide pallet of security tools. The compliance capabilities of the newer SharePoint versions are a lot better than SharePoint 2010 compliance as well. The transparent security system and better GUI ensures security transparency. It also makes everything simple and easy to understand for the users.

Inventory and Cleanup

SharePoint upgradation will require SharePoint migration. Inventory analysis is a major pre-migration process. Scanning through the data across the SharePoint platform will determine what is important, whatnot. This will help with clearing the clutter. Reorganization of data will increase convenience for the users and deleting redundant data will save up space. This will help in business cost-cutting. Thus, a lot of time and money will be saved.

Better planning and scalability

If an organization is going through this end of life last-minute crisis, this will be a good lesson to plan accordingly in advance. The organizations will make sure they don’t have to face it again. This will allow them to choose more recent and reliable platforms. This will be a reason for modernization as well. Pre-resource planning will be in place to avoid such problems in the future, thus ensuring smooth and error-free working. Additionally, the documentation and strategies used this time will help with convenient future upgrades as there is a proper plan already. This will save a great deal of last-minute hassle for the future.

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

If everything is going on smoothly and well, it will automatically enhance productivity. The degradation of SharePoint 2010 will open new ways of better communication and collaboration. It will allow you to use new and better tools and platforms. This will help the employees with their day to day tasks. It will also enhance their communication and strengthen teamwork. Overall, productivity is surely going to be affected in a very positive way.

What Next?

The risk of no support is postponed for another few months. But take up a wise decision by going for SharePoint migration as soon as possible. Irrespective of your organizational size, SharePoint Migration will definitely bring you good. Encourage Digital Transformation as it is now a necessity. Invest in Digital Transformation today to ensure uninterrupted growth in the future. At Saketa, we value your individual requirements with the utmost significance. We have a great track record of successful migrations and can assure you only the best of the bests. Leverage our expertise to transform and modernize your organization. Upgrade your SharePoint 2010 without any further delay!

Why Migrate SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online ?

Being the go-to platform of many organizations, it can become quite difficult to replace it after it reached its end. Therefore, it is essential to have a contingency plan in hand and start executing it ASAP as the clock is ticking away. The best solution for this is to opt for migrating from the On-Premise SharePoint 2010 version to Office 365 or other newer versions of SharePoint.

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