Pillars to a Great Remote Work Experience

Working remotely as team members and maintaining successful digital workplace platforms is a major challenge. Let us give you some remote collaboration keypoint to excel in your digital collaboration game.

Remote Work Experience has readily acquired the “Present and Future of Work” stature. Businesses across the globe have made a swift shift to remote working in the wake of the COVID 19 crisis.

Why a Great Remote Work Culture

Every organization is looking for ways to upgrade their remote work experience and make the most out of it. While exploring challenges that arose after this transition, one of the most common concerns I encountered is how to sustain productivity in this remote work environment. Is that bothering you as well? If yes, then you should read further as I am going to provide you the most effective solution to get this sorted.

Every organization wants to be perfect in growth and innovation…. digital solutions act as the major binding agent.

Here we are listing out key factors that influence the whole remote work experience by creating a perfect blend of culture, innovation, creativity, improved employee happiness and productivity. The result is an Elevated employee experience.

Remote work experience has become the Present and Future of Work and will be here for a long run.

Maintaining Culture

An employee used to spend more than 1/3rd of the day in the office…replacing that with a virtual one isn’t that easy. What retains an employee in the organization is the work environment. Hence, building up a proper digital workspace is essential to rapidly replace the real-life physical work environment.

It must offer to the employees a sense of belonging, purpose and the authority to reinvent things that they might find useful to the enhancement of their productivity. The interest must be kept ignited throughout, which in turn will automatically lead to increased engagement of the employees.

Distinguishable Profiles

Recognition is what everyone craves for and so do the employees of every organization. Every employee should have a detailed profile that apart from their basic information, also showcase their key achievement and contributions, thereby fostering motivation and recognition among their peers. Motivate your employee workforce with a recognition they deserve right on the SharePoint intranet. Allow users to congratulate and share best wishes to the recognized employees on yammer, SharePoint, and email.

Higher Executive Reachability

Employees are greatly influenced by the higher executives either knowingly or unknowingly. So, it can be very beneficial if the CEO and other top-level executives can remain easily accessible and actively involved in the intranet.

Appreciation Corner

Why not have a virtual place where efforts can be appreciated. Who doesn’t enjoy being the center of attraction? Therefore, our intranet should have a section where people are just praised, whether it is for their professional achievements or their personal achievements. This puts up a very positive impact both on teams and on the individual levels. Recognizing performance takes a minute but has a very long-lasting effect.

Idea Sharing

Idea board is the simplest app with lots of potentials. Individual employees as well as teams should be encouraged to innovate and share their ideas openly. This promotes unity and creativity.

While there may be many more priorities, these are some to consider when searching for the perfect digital workplace solution. This leads to the organization’s technological advancement with a more personal and connected employee experience to escalate digital transformation.

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