Planning the Perfect Content Strategy for our Intranet

Building up an Intranet is very easy. What’s challenging is to drive the attention of the employees towards it and keep them interested throughout. Good structure and design help in attracting, but above all, content plays the major part in keeping them engaged. A great content strategy is the key to great communication in a SharePoint intranet.


Content plays one of the major roles in deciding the extent of engagement an intranet will experience. If you want your content to incite the first reaction, it must be able to pull employees to come back and stay active within the site.

Step 1: Who are your content creators? 

The first task is to identify the type of content desired to be ruling the charts of your intranet. Once that is defined, it’s very easy to identify the appropriate contributors and their responsibilities in terms of content creation and publishing. 

Step 2How to assign the content roles? 

As the one stop destination for all the corporate news and information, it is necessary for the content to be properly sourced, verified and efficiently presented. Also, we need to make sure that these responsibilities don’t hamper the actual prioritized works of the employees. 

Step 3Deciding the publishing rights 

Multiple people can have the admin access and publishing rights of the intranet. They can be given free hand in the way they wish to curate their content.  After that, all these contents can be monitored and approved by a dedicated content manager. Engagement rises only when the essence of Newness rises.  

Step 4Organizing the content 

The way the content is organized, speaks a lot about how successful the content on the intranet will be.  Some of the minute technicalities that can be great boosts to the content engagement are: 


Each piece of content can be tagged with some keywords which will help the intranet to show the most relevant information to the users. This can be good for both creating and finding information.  


As most of the contributors are expected to be non-writers, we can provide easy-to-build-on templates to enable fast and effective publishing. This will ensure that people won’t shy away from contributing just due to the lack of writing skills. 


Consistency is the key to success for any content on any platform. Establishing a systematic and routine approach towards content posting is a small but very effective initiative. Create a systematic routine by posting similar content on given days. 

 Step 5Retaining the readers 

You must be knowing, grabbing attention cannot be done forcefully. Your platter must be served with a lot of useful and interesting stuffs. So, we can follow these content strategies to engage readers better:  

Catchy Titles 

An interesting, but short title including the main keyword 


Allowing the reader to understand the topic at a glance with a short and simple gist. 


Bring the most important information in the very beginning 

Short Paragraphs 

Divide your text into short paragraphs (one per idea) that will create a clear vision of what’s discussed 

Attach files 

Name all files correctly, to avoid confusion 

Attractive visuals 

Don’t be afraid to add graphs, pictures, slides or even videos that will keep the reader interested until the end. Bonus points if you add alt text on all visuals to help your search engine! 

Mistakes to AVOID 

Missing notifications 

People should receive personalized notifications inside the intranet whenever any relevant content is published, for better visibility. 

Defining relevance 

You don’t want to overwhelm employees with irrelevant articles and create noise. Your intranet should push the most relevant information to employees according to their team, location, etc. 


Bring the most important information in the very beginning 

Duplicating information 

If you often need to post certain information in two places, maybe you need to rethink the way you organized your sections or groups. 

Limiting possibilities 

Add a section with the publication where people can interact and comment. The possibility to react or even suggest possible corrections will create a sense of belonging and transparency. 

Failing to update 

Your intranet search engine can easily locate older information that may mislead readers. Thats why regular clean up and updating is required for eliminating irrelevant information. 

Just remember that internal communication is not just about providing information but much more. It’s all about how you build up your corporate culture so that your employees will be selfmotivated to take initiatives. How do people receive it? Do they remember the information given? Do they want to share in return? In fact, your SharePoint intranet platform is the place where your internal communication strategy will engage your people and make them want to contribute to company’s success. 


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