Migrating from MySites to OneDrive for Business

For any organization, migrating to OneDrive for Business is a necessary but also a complicated task during SharePoint migration.

Many things must be considered before and after migration.

Here are a few of them:

The two most common scenarios which require an organization to migrate to OneDrive for Business are:

  • Migrating MySites to OneDrive for Business sites: If an organization has upgraded SharePoint from On-Premise to Office 365, all the users are required to leave My Sites and adapt to OneDrive for business without losing data.
  • Migrating OneDrive for Business sites to a different Office 365 tenant: Migrating OneDrive for Business sites to another tenant is necessary for the organization when the organization moves its Office 365 plan or acquires a company.

Challenges in migrating to OneDrive for Business:

  • OneDrive for Business sites is not created or provisioned until a user first visits it. So, it is difficult to prepare a list of OneDrive for Business site collections to migrate.
  • To migrate OneDrive for Business sites, being a tenant admin is not enough. The user needs to be a Site Collection Administrator of every personal site that is to be migrated. When migrating thousands of sites, provisioning all the sites is a tedious task.
  • OneDrive for Business provides a minimum of 1 TB cloud storage. So, it is quite complex and not at all a feasible solution to migrate manually when thousands of users and files are concerned.

To overcome these challenges, going for a third-party migration tool is a better solution.

Selecting the right tool for OneDrive for Business sites migration:

Choose the tool that provides a wide range of features, which not only reduces manual work but is also cost-effective.

There are a few migration tools available in the market, that are offering OneDrive for Business sites migration to another tenant. Most of them migrate only a personal document library to a new OneDrive for Business site. If you are looking for migrating not just files but a whole lot more, choose Saketa SharePoint Migrator as it migrates the entire Site Collection.

Saketa SharePoint Migrator helps in an easy and effective OneDrive for Business sites migration by providing the following:

Supports MySites to MySites migration, MySites to OneDrive for Business sites migration, OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business sites migration.

Have a look at the below features:

  • Provides UI based user and group mappings feature which helps in mapping the source and target users.
  • Takes care of auto-provisioning the personal site.
  • Creates a personal site if it doesn’t exist for the user at the destination.
  • Migrates Profile Settings.
  • Removes permissions of the current user who is migrating sites from personal sites after migration.

Saketa SharePoint Migrator tool- Image

Saketa SharePoint Migrator, a one-stop solution for all kinds of migration needs, also supports the following features:

  • SharePoint to SharePoint migration
  • Cloud to SharePoint migration
  • File System to SharePoint migration
  • SharePoint to File System migration
  • Pre Migration Check and Post Migration Check for every migration to ensure your migration is successful.

Saketa SharePoint Migrator Landing Page

Make use of the cool features of Saketa SharePoint Migrator to save your time.

To install, contact our support team or click https://saketa.com/migrator/migrator-download/.

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