Modern intranet to foster digital employee experiences

When incorporating digital initiatives like deploying a modern intranet for enhanced digital employee experiences, it is fundamental to draw up your transformation roadmap. Pivoting from the need for agile processes and secure governance, Saketa’s user-centric design is a testament to modernization

The concept of a modern intranet is continuously changing, refactoring policy changes that become essential to business transformation. As per a report by Analytics Insight, investments in digital transformation are forecasted to reach $2.8 trillion by 2025, at the present growth trajectory. Indicative of the urgency to deploy robust network architectures, the focus of distributed cloud services will base intranet adoption across industries.

Advocated by SMBs and conglomerates like BFSI, healthcare, retail, logistics, energy, and manufacturing companies, the advocacy and capitalizing of a modern intranet solution is undoubtedly key area rewarding business agility. Knowing how, why and where to enforce policy changes that contribute to the digital employee experience is just as important to them.

5 impacts of intranet on digital employee experiences

Here are 5 means by which a modern intranet to foster digital employee experiences impacts your organization.

1. Better internal communications

One among the major challenges of early intranets was the lacking flexibility for authoring and publishing content. With limited publishing features, it was evident that users did not stake ownership over their digital experiences due to the complexity of earlier intranets.

digital employee experiences

With low code technologies rapidly pacing into the market, the problem of authorship has been solved. Allowing contributors to communicate effortlessly via email, mobile and collaboration software, modern intranets are winning enterprises over. Emphasizing on user-generated content as a pillar to effective collaboration, modern intranets are aimed at automating business-centric activities.

2. Improved employee engagement

An intranet shouldn’t require a manual to use. User-friendliness of minimalist design and intuitive accessibility options allow employees to stay engaged at work using a modern intranet.

As your intranet software can be used on a mobile device and the web, your users gain access to the organization and their teams at any time. Pairing productivity tools and social intranets with your corporate strategy is an effective step towards employee-enabling technology.

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5 ways to reinvent employee experiences

3. Intuitive Digital workplaces

Modernizing your intranet solution for enhanced digital employee experiences is based on consolidating various functions across your digital workplace. According to a recent study by the World Economic Forum, it is estimated that by 2025, machines will perform more current work tasks than humans, compared to 71% being performed by humans today

Whether you require an intranet for insurance, or a full-fledged digital workplace suite, it is inevitable that organizations look to continuously improve their employee experiences. Using a modern intranet, contributors and various departments can exercise transparency by avoiding data silos that were often a result of duplicate content, unauthorized access, or poor governance in legacy architectures.

foster digital employee experiences

A modern intranet is built for digital agility and employee-centricity is the pedestal on which businesses acquire administrative benefits by harnessing user-generated data

4.Uninterrupted digital authority

Adopting a modern intranet to complement digital employee experiences, accelerates technological prowess and technical expertise among the workforces. IT teams are better positioned to implement process changes depending on the most suited digital transformation plan.

Using unified analytics and omnichannel user engagement, a modern intranet helps measure the process and outcomes of business decisions. Empowering organizations with a holistic view of the employee experience strategy encourages streamlined workflows and hybrid apps to converge the user’s needs.

5. Enhanced workforce management

  • How can you assess the productivity of a team within the organization?
  • To what level of detail can organizations govern employee experiences?
  • How do you know if your employees engaged with the CEO’s latest announcement?

All these questions are pivotal to addressing employee morale, departmental concerns, and daily organizational outcomes at your workplace. A modern intranet allows HR teams to implement engaging events on the calendar, based on the response to content across multiple channels. IT teams can enforce security protocols and governance policies to make the most of content management. Modern intranet equips users with autonomy over their data through effective knowledge sharing, permission management and mobility solutions.

Your intranet will never let you down again. The use of intelligent dashboards, automated workflows and omnichannel access promotes employee-focused and business-centric goals.

Deploy Saketa for increased business visibility

Saketa’s award-winning intranet software brings the best of connectivity and collaboration to govern your digital employee experiences. Built to transform employee experiences, reduce operational costs, and streamline business functions, a modern intranet ushers flexibility and ease of access.

Your search for modern intranets ends now.

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