Microsoft Teams & its data migration b/w different O365 tenants

Microsoft Teams is one of the best collaborative apps in the market.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best collaborative apps in the market. In this blog, you’re going to learn everything about Microsoft Teams and how migrating to a different Office 365 tenant can be effortless.

As known to all the techies out there, SharePoint has been serving as a great platform for most of the organizations to collaborate their work culture in an effective way. It is also known for introducing its unique inventions every year. 

Let’s have a look at one interesting feature of SharePoint- Microsoft Teams – Office 365 Groups 

Wondering what is Microsoft Teams and why do we need it? 

It is a team collaboration software, which aids in organizing team chats, calls, video conferences, storing and sharing documents or files across. 

So, why choose Microsoft teams? 

Through this application, users in a team can connect with each other, share documents, hold meetings. Moreover, this service is integrated in Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity suite, and features extensions that can be integrated with third-party apps too. 

Now, let’s understand Office 365 groups.

Office 365 groups

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 groups are a list of active directory users who work together. On creating a team, it automatically generates an Office 365 group at the back end. 

If a team has certain files to be shared between set of users, Office 365 groups will help in facilitating the purpose. 

Once an employee group is established, users in the group would be able to do many things like collaborate, email their group, maintain conversations, share files within the group and so on. 

Some exciting features of Microsoft Teams

1. Access Control

  • Using this, one can control access between users in Office 365 groups. 
  • Microsoft Teams have two 2 user roles: Owners and Members 
  • Owners can manage the team by adding and deleting members & assigning users as owners or members of the group. 

2. Activity Feed Management 

  • It is a user’s single inbox where Activities across all the teams, channels and chats will be shown. 

3. Built-in & Custom Tabs

  • Team owners and members can add other apps, documents & reports as tabs on the top of the channel. 
  • These tabs help the users to easily access and manage the required data.

4. Store & Share Documents in Channels

  • Multiple channels can be added under each team, where each channel has its respective conversations, files, notes, and custom added tabs. 
  • Users can store and share the documents/files between other users across the channels. 
  • Files can be edited, deleted and downloaded directly from teams.
  • Channels can be opened directly in SharePoint.

5. Third Party Integrations 

  • Integrate our favorite apps as tabs on top of the channel such as Planner, One Note, Document Libraries from SharePoint, Power BI, Microsoft Word, PDF and many more. 
  • Users can manage their calls and convene voice & video conferences.
  • Users can also have Group Chats & Private Discussions.
  • Users can Scheduling meetings.
  • Users can also create Tabs for frequently used documents.

Now you know how Microsoft Teams can become a huge asset for your organization. So, why wait? Transform your workplace digitally by migrating to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Migration 

With a numerous collaboration options, many organizations are using Microsoft Teams as their go-to app in Office 365.  

But, migrating Teams’ data from one Office 365 tenant to another tenant can prove to be a challenge.  

The best solution here is to choose a tool that makes migrating to Microsoft Teams incredibly smooth.

One such tool is the Saketa Migrator- a SharePoint migration tool that allows you easy migration of Microsoft Teams’ data between different O 365 tenants at high speed. 

Here’s a list of what you can migrate from one Office 365 tenant to another with the help of Saketa SharePoint Migrator

Features Supported   
Office 365 group migrated as teams & groups   Yes  
Channels  Yes 
Folders & Files with permissions  Yes 
Attachments  Yes 
Wiki Notes  Yes 
Permissions  Yes 
Membership roles  Yes 
Pages, News posts, News links added on the home page  Yes 
Teams SharePoint site and Teams settings  Yes 
Conversations  No 
Teams Associated Mailboxes  No 
Planner  No 
Tabs  No 


Make your Microsoft Teams data migration smooth and easy. 

Start your trial here. 

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